‘Chicago P.D.’ 9×16 Review “Closer”

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  1. Rachel says:

    Paddy broke his shoulder.

  2. Rich says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to say that Voight hasn’t changed. He has changed since we first met him in Chicago Fire. The change was enough that Casey acknowledged “burying the hatchet” with him. Over the years “the cage” has been used less and less. In fact, Season 7 was the last time it was used. Voight has adapted to the times and police reform. Not saying that he has become a saint, because he hasn’t. One can certainly argue that he has always been an “ends justify the means” person and that has not changed. Whether Jay can reign him in when the stakes are high we will have to see. Jay has done it before most notably in Season 1 with Al’s help.

    This was another excellent episode. My only critiques are 1) no Trudy and 2) while it was a cute Upstead moment while they were on stakeout, I think it would have been better for Kim and Kevin to have been there. Kim could have mentioned Makayla or Adam, how last episode affected her. I would have liked to see some tie into the previous episode. I love Anna and Carmela Zumbado’s performance. When we first meet Anna, she’s confident, almost arrogant. She’s been a CI for a while and has manipulated both law enforcement and the criminals she’s informed on with ease, until now. In this episode she has come to realize these are not the people she’s been able to manipulate in the past. These are careful strategic thinkers she is dealing with. She knows very little about Voight or Javier and they both know everything about her. Where they go with this has me intrigued, I see a number of different possibilities.

    Not sure if I’m one of the targets of your last comment, but I would not characterize my comments as saying that Voight is “the best thing as sliced bread.” but appreciating the role that he has on the show and that while you may not like his character others do. A minute to read your post and less than 5 to respond doesn’t really take up too much time. A question for you, when you ask agree?, disagree? and invite comments are you sincere about it or do you only want comments that agree with your take on the show? Fandom is supposed to be fun and part of that fun is the argument the show can produce, like fans of Star Trek debating who the better captain is Kirk or Picard.

    1. Lissete Lanuza Sáenz says:

      I appreciate your comments — any respectful comments, even if we disagree. IMHO we all get something out of the discourse around TV, even if it’s just to appreciate different POVs. My comment was more about the …ahem, less than respectful commentary, one that focuses on insulting me vs. my opinions.

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