‘Chicago P.D.’ 9×16 Preview: “Closer”

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  1. Rich says:

    While it is clear that you hate Voight, remember there are plenty of fans of Chicago PD who like his character. Closer is probably not going to be a Voight centric episode, but rather a Voight-Halstead centric episode. While we have seen evidence of this new dynamic in other episodes, the Anna storyline is where it has manifested itself. I like this story line for a number of reasons. Carmela Zumbado has killed it as Anna. Also, we generally don’t get to see or know the CIs in most episodes. They usually have a line or two and that’s it; Cameron from Season 7 being a notable exception. Also, we don’t see the Intelligence Unit build a case. Usually, the CI provides a tip and the Unit moves in for an arrest. Here, we are seeing a CI get close to a suspect and hopefully provide information that is used in a subsequent episode.

    I see 2 possibilities for this episode, 1) they arrest Javier in this episode or 2) this episode moves Anna into a position to gather information so the Intelligence Unit can make an arrest in a future episode. If they arrest Javier in this episode, it will be action packed and case centric. If they are setting this up for an arrest in a future episode as the episode description teases, I could see them working in other storylines. Adam talking to Kevin about what happened last episode while they are on a stakeout. Kim talking to Hailey about Adam and Makayla. They could well tie other storylines together here. Maybe Kevin asking Hailey about why Jay and Hank were “at each other’s throats” for a while and are now acting almost like partners, what happened, what changed?

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