‘Dancing With Myself’ Review: That’s A No From Me

Dancing With Myself
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  1. A.M.T. says:

    Holy crap, I wish there was an “I agree, x INFINITY” button! I really tried to watch with an open mind, and as a former dancer, lifetime dance lover and pro dance photographer I do enjoy (guilty pleasure) TIKTOK and Reels dance vids. This show epically failed to highlight what we like about social media amateur dancers, if that’s even possible? Why couldn’t they just tell each contestant’s story and show their typical content creation process? Why all the super fake hyped up excitement and phony audience applause? Hollywood Squares staging, seriously??? 🤮 Not only was the show a slap to people who make dance their career, but as well to the average non-dance enthusiasts who couldn’t get past the really, REALLY bad production quality and editing. ‘‘Twas a sad day in the reality T.V. world.

  2. Natan says:

    Throw in some star power like Joe Jonas…Yup, this reviewer is definitely worth your time

  3. au says:

    I think you didnt understand because of your boomer vibes

  4. Diana Park says:

    Can’t believe the choices are people blind to dancing?
    I’ve been performance dancing in modern dance all my life I’m 61 years old, & I think the pickings are wrong in S 1, ep. 1, totally crazy! Caitlin and Marcus were the best dancers they should’ve never been eliminated I know that the big model was okay & give him credit for his energy but I don’t understand how they could pick the big bouncy machine over precise cutting dancers like Marcus and Caitlin that was unbelievable totally unbelievable.

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