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‘For All Mankind’ 3×08 Review: “The Sands of Ares”

Krys Marshall as Dani Poole in For All Mankind 3x08
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  1. Meg says:

    From “we don’t talk about that” to “Crying is good. It’s better than pretending everything is okay.” KAREN’S CHARACTER GROWTH I SEE YOU AND I LOVE YOU.

    Eh…I’m okay with Kelly and Alexei being the same blood type being that it’s A+. There’s a total of 8 different blood types (I donate as much as I can because I’m the relatively rare B-), but about 1/3 of all humans are A+. So…it’s not as much of a convenient coincidence as you’d think at a first glance. I know it’s more complicated than that, but those are the basics.

    Called Kelly getting pregnant the second she started having sex with whatshisface. It made too much sense with her being the one obsessed with finding new life on Mars, and permanent birth control is exactly the kind of thing NASA would be stupid enough to forget about. It’s also not the first time RDM made a woman pregnant in space when he didn’t know what else to do with her. NONE OF THIS MEANS I’M OKAY WITH IT, THOUGH.

  2. Shana says:

    Honestly, Karen’s character growth has been absolutely everything. I remember, pre-release, Shantel was talking about how it was hard for her to connect because she was kind of your stereotypical housewife of that original era…But what she has BECOME!!!! And even with the time jumps between seasons, it’s been such a natural, beautiful progression.

    I appreciate the science on the blood type thing.

    I’m still not entirely certain I’m ok with what happened with the pregnancy up in space and don’t want to accidentally provide an overall take based on knowledge I now have of future episodes. However. I CAN say it’s wild to me that so many people were calling her stupid for getting pregnant up there. Like, birth control isn’t 100%. It’s very, very close to 100% if taken perfectly, but I highly DOUBT with all the high-stress situations on this mission and the time between takeoff and when all the sex started, that it was perfectly taken at all.

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