‘So Help Me Todd’ 1×05 Review: “Let The Wright One In”

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  1. Vcoolwater says:

    The biggest problem is Susan is her missing fiancée, Peter. Because he is supposed to be this mysterious figure – it is holding her character back.

    The other big problem is the lack of development for Francey. She seems like a recurring character than a series lead.

    At least the show will deal with the other elephant in the room – Lawerence. We will see him in two weeks. Matthew Wilkas has been cast.

  2. Jade says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head. They’ve currently made Susan’s character all about being “taken” and sharing the occasional longing look with Todd. We don’t learn more about her fiancée because he’s mysterious. They don’t move forward with the romance with Todd because she’s otherwise engaged. And they don’t seem to know what they’re doing with her otherwise.

    You’re also entirely right about the lack of development for Francey. She’s been so underutilized, I had to pause to even remember who she is. This week’s episode was a bit better, in that respect, so I hope that’s a sign of better things for her moving forward.

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