Hallmark Channels ‘Countdown To Christmas’ Review: “Jolly Good Christmas”

Hallmark/Crown Media
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  1. Ajhantha Jayabalasingham says:

    I love Hallmark Christmas movies for all their sappy, cheese, predictable goodness, but did they have to have the main character westernize her name? It’s totally unnecessary. My daughter’s name is Anjalie and we were so happy to see some representation on TV. I had to debrief her about loving her name and her culture after watching that movie together. It was such a missed opportunity and such an easy thing to do. I really don’t understand tv sometimes. Why even try to represent another culture if you’re just going to show the ways people are assimilating just to make it easier for the western world. It’s ridiculous.


    Ajhantha Jayabalasingham
    And no, I’ve never westernized or shortened my name.

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