‘Miss Scarlet and the Duke’ 3×05 Review: “The Heir”

Miss Scarlet and the Duke 3x05 Stuart Martin as William Wellington and Kate Phillips as Eliza Scarlet
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  1. Brooke says:

    I am in my 30s and just can no longer watch or even see a minute of angsty love messes like this anymore. 🤣 I have seen countless similar situations like this on TV.
    I hope Moses, Fitzroy, and Ivy are in season 4. Obviously, they were some of the best parts of this episode. I laughed when I found out his last name. I hope Fitzroy finds someone perfect for him who will appreciate him for who he is and of course loves singing with him.
    I like that Eliza is in many ways relateable such as having her avoid someone she cannot have for the time being. She is like many of us in modern times who refuse to stay home and feel bad when any tough situation happens or you cannot be with the person you want to be with. Obviously she has a job and needs to survive, so staying home would be a terrible mistake and Ivy does not deserve to lose her job.

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