‘Miss Scarlet and the Duke’ 3×03 Review: “Hotel St. Marc”

Kate Phillips as Eliza Scarlet in Miss Scarlet and the Duke 3x03 "Hotel St. Marc"
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  1. Brooke says:

    After I watched this show I could not believe the writers left out the characters who help make the series enjoyable when it truly is. If any of them; especially William cannot appear due to the actor or actress’s other projects or personal life, there are ways to keep them strongly present. I feel like Eliza’s attempt to contact William was not enough.
    I don’t care about Nash and Arabella. Honestly I do not trust either and there is nothing about both to convince me to care. Why did they bring them in instead of focusing on current characters that need development such as William, Eliza, Moses, Ivy, Clementine, and Mr. Potts?

  2. Brooke says:

    Sorry I did not include the following thoughts in my first reply. Why couldn’t the writers have William be in the episode instead of Nash? If it was Stuart’s other projects or personal life, they could have waited until Stuart could be available.
    I admit I have become disappointed with the overall writing and development with characters such as Eliza since season two, so I will just read up the rest of the season and see if I will want to watch rather than watch something I just get disappointed with. I hope this series will improve on things that obviously need improvement.

  3. Sarah says:

    I’ve gotta (respectfully) disagree. Distance between the main characters lets us learn who they are as individuals. That’s what makes reunions so much more meaningful when they happen. Also, a royal “we” when referring to fans’ feelings on Nash is interesting, because a lot of people really do like his rascal-y personality! He and Eliza have a very… interesting dynamic which might be hard to understand because Nash’s motivations are up in the air. But that’s so much fun! If he turns out to be nefarious, rewatching this for clues will be a treat. Kudos to the writers of this episode, it felt very mature and clever.

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