‘Chicago P.D.’ 10×16 Review: “Deadlocked”

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  1. Linda Hiple says:

    At first I liked this show, but the longer I watch it became disturbing that it shows that cops can do what.. if the end justifies the means! Our country has enough problems with police behavior, this show only enforces it.

  2. Virginia E Sacco says:

    Ok ok ok..
    I get it with Voight, but you cannot judge him if he is an ethical cop. This is TV and for our enjoyment. The normal viewer
    Knows the diff bet×even right and wrong. Our law enforcement is fighting everyday
    to do the right thing. Cop shows are supposed to be dramatic and dark. Let’s not judge this TV show from an attorney point of view..relax.
    Sit back and let creativitys flow,.we have to much other stuff to worry about

  3. Helen Stein says:

    I thought it was an excellent episode. Sometimes you have to do unethical things to get the bad guys! Love Hank a true Hero! Especially now

  4. Marian says:

    The show was good and it was like old time Voight !!!! The show needs to give some more personal stories ( Kevin should have a girlfriend) The show needs a burst of lightening a new sexy woman!!!! Bring back Jay!! Love Chicago PD ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Mary A Aghedo says:

    I have loved cpd from day one and I give kudos to the find writing team and it is ‘dud’ just tv I’m not a law breaker by no means but I do love me some hank v I just wish the writers would bring back hank’s grandson all grown up maybe he and his mother could be in some kinda of trouble or just Danny in trouble like his dad used to be and then see if hank could get him out. I love Jason Begh

  6. Rich says:

    I understand where you are coming from in your criticism of Voight, however I disagree. What would you have had Voight do? If he tells Chapman what is going on, a mistrial is called and the juror’s wife is killed, how is that a just result? By the letter of the law, what Voight did was probably a violation. However, as a lawyer, you full well know that things aren’t always as black and white as they sometimes seem. There are always exceptions to rules and this was certainly an exigent circumstance that allowed Voight to act as he did. Remember it is the defendant that is tampering with the juror, not Voight (though Hailey should have been the one to speak with him and not Voight).

    While Chapman judges Voight, she ought to look in the mirror herself. Once the juror’s wife was rescued, she had an ethical obligation to disclose the kidnapping to the judge and have that juror removed from deliberations. Whether an alternate could be used or a mistrial would have to be declared would be subject to the judge’s discretion. Chapman chose not to do this because 2 of the accomplices were killed and the remaining accomplice was pleading guilty to drug trafficking. As such, there was no way for the defendant to challenge his verdict as he couldn’t admit to having a juror’s wife kidnapped and argue that the police must have spoken with the juror. Chapman herself decided that “the ends justified the means here,” and chose to ignore her ethical obligations.

  7. Joan McNulty says:

    You continue to go on and on about your dislike of Voight everytime you do a review. If it wasn’t for Voight they’d be no show- he is Chicago PD. Just for the record most of us do know that it is just a tv show and we also wish the end always justified the means. In the case of Voight it does because only the bad guys get taken care of. How I wish real life could go that way. He’s the most interesting person on the show and I love all of the cast. Remember it’s not a damn soap opera, it’s gritty and messy and I for one wouldn’t have it any other way. If you hate it so much then don’t review the show…

    1. Lissete Lanuza Sáenz says:

      Hey Joan! If you hate my reviews so much, maybe don’t read them? Just a thought! Thanks for reading and commenting, though.

  8. Jack says:

    Typical defense attorney review! As a former city cop in a big city, my observations are that the so-called unethical and illegal things that Voight does in the interest of justice, and his opinion, are quite normal and every large city or metropolitan police department! The storyline although a little bit exaggerated at times does mirror the real every day interactions of big city cops and bad guys! I think the show is great and entertaining as it is!

  9. John Slusarick says:

    Lissete, you seem to be overly critical of Voight’s morals on Chicago PD! In reality, it’s probably more like reality in the current world when you have a decent police officer dealing with today’s unscrupulous, political law officials, District Attorneys and Judges.

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