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‘Ted Lasso’ Honestly Left Me Conflicted About Isaac’s Reaction to Colin Being Gay

Colin and Isaac from Ted Lasso
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  1. Sarah L says:

    I’m here because I had to Google whether Issac is homophobic before I finished the episode….so yeah they took way too long with that lol

  2. Theodore says:

    I think that was kind of the point. It was meant to build drama and the viewer was supposed to feel uneasy about it… to wonder “is Issac homophobic?” and to feel empathy for Colin. Billy Harris acted the situation well and you could really see his vulnerability. He wanted to talk to his friend. And the episode was written to reveal in the end that Issac was wounded that his friend didn’t trust him. I don’t think it was careless writing, he really was mad at Colin. And I liked resolution:
    Issac was upset he wasn’t told and Colin explained the 99% vs 1%. They come to an understanding and I think their friendship is ultimately strengthened.

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