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‘The Morning Show’ 3×06 Review: “The Stanford Student”

The Morning Show 3x06 Greta Lee as Stella Bak
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  1. Susan says:

    Not so fast…you are dumbing down the complexity of Bradley’s world—we are seeing a personal story arc where her growth isn’t linear, nor is her career or personal relationships. She radiates imperfection and it’s what makes her character so dimensional.

    1. Shana says:

      1. Thank you for reading.
      2. You can disagree with someone without accusing them of “dumbing down” a story.
      3. You know literally nothing about how close to home things like addiction and having to do the right thing when loved ones are on a very clear wrong side of history hit for me.
      4. There is nothing “dimensional” about a storyline that attempts to humanize folks that were proud to interrupt the peaceful transfer of power in a democracy, who were happy to stand alongside a guy in a “Camp Auschwitz” shirt and multiple other white supremacist groups (I’m both Jewish and a major advocate for preserving the memories of the six million, so MISS ME with this).
      5. Obstruction of justice for personal gain, while hiding behind journalistic integrity — which there is none, when footage is purposely doctored for those same personal reasons — is not the type of “imperfection” I wish to see anyone “radiate.” If that is what you enjoy, you do you.

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