‘Our Flag Means Death’ 2×08 Review: “Mermen”

Rhys Darby and Taika Waititi in Our Flag Means Death 2x08
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  1. En says:

    There are a lot of interviews with David Jenkins what his intention was. Stede wants to be a good pirate because he has never done anything well. Ed doesn’t want to be a pirate any more. Stede becomes famous, Ed becomes dispensable. How can you deal with the power shift in a relationship? I can see what David wanted to show but I also have the feeling that half of the material was cut out because there was no time to tell everything properly. I personally didn’t like the choice of clothes in the second season. Despite the plundered treasures, everyone always looked dirty and ragged. Why did Ed have to look so dirty and homeless without leather and why did Stedes clothes have to look so dirty at the beginning? There is enough water on a ship to wash the stuff.

    Especially the last 3 episodes were totally rushed. Maybe they just wanted too much for the fans at once, especially since no one knows if there will be a 3rd season. There was so much promotion of New Zealand and the set building was great but I felt we could’nt really enjoy it all at all. From episode 6 onwards the pace was so fast that there was no time to process or enjoy. A good idea would have been to post extra material on social media so that it is more coherent.

    Even though they wanted to demonstrate a happy outcome of the lovers Ed and Stede, the last minutes with Ed and Stede in the crumbling hut didn’t feel happy to me, because really only Ed got what he wanted. Stede’s development has somehow fallen by the wayside in the last episodes. There was also hardly any time for crew. I found Ed more exhausting than Stede. Stede came back and definitely chose Ed for good. Ed still gives the impression that he will run away again at the next conflict. In the end, it is a story about the unusual love of two pirates. Izzi and the crew are minor characters, even though we took them to our hearts. The show is magical for outsiders and all neurodivergent people. I hope there will be a new season and that next season every outsider will also find a home in it.

  2. Egg says:

    This take is just…bad. The crew was shown being obviously devastated at Izzy’s death. Ed obviously wanted to stop being a pirate this whole season. He was already bored with piracy in season 1. His choice to stop sailing was in no way a disservice to Izzy’s memory – it had nothing to do with Izzy. Stede did not cross a line with Ed – Ed is clearly shown nodding and giving his consent for Stede to continue.

    I suggest rewatching the season and paying closer attention to the details without the shock of Izzy’s death clouding your view.

    I also recommend getting an editor – your article has some typos.

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