‘Quantum Leap’ 2×04 Review: “The Lonely Hearts Club”

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  1. woochifer says:

    This was kind of a lightweight episode to switch up the narrative and give us something akin to a divorce. But, the whole Addison & Tom angle is unconvincing. The arc of the Season 1 narrative was that no matter what Ben changes in the past, he will always end up back together with Addison. Their bond was that unbreakable. And now we’re supposed to believe that after 2 years searching for Ben, Addison is going to shack up with Tom only 4 months later? Okay, so maybe that was whole narrative only applied to Ben, and Addison wasn’t quite on board? I guess if that’s the case, then maybe Ben should hook up with Hannah when their timelines cross again, and stay lost in time with her.

    But, at this point, time apart will be a good thing.

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