‘Quantum Leap’ 2×06 Review: “Secret History”

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  1. Woochifer says:

    Oh, definitely a quandry. But, for now it seems that Ben is resigned to not returning home. And Hannah is the only person sharing the same physical time-space with Ben that knows who he is, and can interact with him in a non-hologramish way.

    One of the Hannah theories is that she’s Quantum Leap’s version of the Impossible Girl from Doctor Who. But, seeing as how she’s seeing Ben pop in her future (which is his past), this is more like the Doctor and River Song, where they intersect at opposite junctures in their respective chronologies. The difference here is that Ben already gave away the spoiler.

    The Ben/Addison dynamic is now more complicated with Ben now potentially having someone from the past, just like Addison now has to grapple with Tom’s past. Ben already saved Hannah in this episode, but I can’t help but think that she will sacrifice herself for Ben at some later point.

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