‘Chicago Fire’ 10×12 Review: “Show of Force”

Chicago Fire 10×12 “Show of Force” gave us not just the Stella Kidd we wanted — and deserved, but the Stellaride too.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×12 Preview: “Show of Force”

Chicago Fire 10×12 looks to be bringing a lot. We just hope it doesn’t also end in a cliffhanger when a long hiatus is coming.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×11 Review: “Fog of War”

Chicago Fire 10×11 goes deep into the Stellaride issues, even as the Pelham drama continues to take center stage.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×11 Preview: “Fog of War”

Chicago Fire 10×11 “Fog of War” doesn’t look like a great episode for Pelham. And we won’t cry when he’s gone, that’s for sure.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×10 Review: “Back With A Bang”

Chicago Fire 10×10 “Back With A Bang” brings back Stella Kidd full time, and both fixes some of the Stellaride issues and creates new ones.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×10 Preview: “Back with A Bang”

The pictures for Chicago Fire 10×10 “Back with A Bang” show us absolutely nothing, but it’s all good, because Stella Kidd is back.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×09 Review: “Winterfest”

Chicago Fire 10×09 “Winterfest” attempts holiday cheer, but they fall way short of the Hallmark standards, in all respects.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×09 Advance Review: “Winterfest”

Chicago Fire 10×09 “Winterfest” is an episode filled with heart and Christmas cheer. All we wanted? Not really, but it tries.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×09 Pictures: “Winterfest”

The pictures for Chicago Fire 10×09 “Winterfest” are here, and nothing is happening on them, but we’re still happy to see them.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×08 Review: “What Happened at Whiskey Point”

Chicago Fire 10×08 tries to make us worry about the new Lt. taking Stella’s job, and about Stellaride. They utterly fail at both.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×08 Pictures: “What Happened at Whiskey Point”

The pictures for Chicago Fire 10×08 “What Happened at Whiskey Point” feel deliberately misleading. Or is that just us?

The Latest ‘Chicago Fire’ and ‘Chicago P.D’ Episodes Were Hard and the Internet Has Thoughts

We bring you some of the best reactions to Chicago Fire and Chicago PD last episodes because the internet has A LOT of thoughts.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×07 Review: “Whom Shall I Fear?”

Chicago Fire 10×07 is about change, and as always with this show, about family — and how they’ll help you get through anything.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×07 Pictures: “Whom Shall I Fear”

The pictures for Chicago Fire 10×07 “Whom Shall I Fear” show us more of the arson case, as our faves get on with the day to day.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×06 Review: “Dead Zone”

Chicago Fire 10×06 “Dead Zone” is about missing and moving on. Not about forgetting, but instead about taking that next step forward.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×06 Pictures:”Dead Zone”

The Chicago Fire 10×06 “Dead Zone” pictures are making us miss Matt Casey even more, and we’re not even sorry about it.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×05 Review: “Two Hundred”

Chicago Fire 10×05 “Two Hundred” says a very clear see you later, not goodbye, to Jesse Spencer’s Matt Casey. But we’ll still miss him.

David Eigenberg, Joe Minoso and Christian Stolte Talk Chicago Fire’s 200th Episode

David Eigenberg, Joe Minoso and Christian Stolte are family at this point. And honestly, it’d be weirder if they weren’t, considering Chicago Fire will celebrate it’s 200th episode next week, a feat not many shows get to – particularly not…

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×04 Review: “The Right Thing”

Chicago Fire 10×04 “The Right Thing” examines what the right thing is, as it sets up a possible Matt Casey exit. We’re just not buying it.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×05 Pictures: “Two Hundred”

Chicago Fire’s 10×05 “Two Hundred” certainly looks like it’s coming for our Brettsey hearts. Check out the photos!

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×04 Pictures: “The Right Thing”

The Chicago Fire 10×04 “The Right Thing” pictures confirm a theory, and leave us wondering what everyone’s looking at.