In an effort to build a space for queer people like myself, every Tuesday I’ll be posting opinion pieces, listicals, reviews, and more focused on the LGBT community (and occasionally about the Latinx/WOC community since I am Latinx.) Welcome to Queerly Not Straight! Enjoy and leave a comment below ifRead More →

You’ve been wary of The CW’s Batwoman? We’ve been wary. We wanted this, we just didn’t know what to expect from the character, or the actors, and hey, our track record with The CW is murky at best. Sometimes we love it, sometimes we really, really don’t. This time weRead More →

One of my guilty pleasures is spending every Friday night with Dynasty. I can’t help how much I love this show. It’s got ridiculous drama, intrigue, and it makes me appreciate how fucked up my life isn’t. Seriously, if you have family issues, watch this show. You’ll feel better! IRead More →

You know how you just keep doing something because you feel like you have to? My best friends had gotten me into the whole vision board thing when I am the LEAST crafty person in our group – perhaps in the entire state of Indiana – but anyway: while theirRead More →

There’s a lot of good TV out there. No, really, a hell of a lot of good TV, trust me, someone who just had to spiral her way into somehow narrowing this list down. But narrow it I have, with what I consider to be the best TV has offeredRead More →

I was so psyched for the meta-human or alien like turn Black Lightning seemed to be taking this week, when I saw the little sneak peak at the end of  episode five. When I finally saw the episode, I was left feeling unsure that Black Lightning could hang on toRead More →

Look, I wanted to like Charmed. I am a big fan of the original, but I came into the reboot with an open mind and an open heart, because they promised me diversity, and as much as I thought the original was a hella feminist that was groundbreaking for itsRead More →

The thing about The CW is that we expect actors to come and go, but we also expect that they will stay within The CW world. Now we may not review Dynasty, but I admit that I watch it religiously. Why? BECAUSE IT IS DRAMA. I like watching drama. Takes meRead More →

Anyone who watches Black Lightning could have seen the clash of ideas between Jefferson and Anissa coming ten thousand light years away. And of course “The Book of Consequences: Translucent Freak” brought it live. It also brought us Jennifer’s reunion with Khalil, Tobias’ lies, and Lynn’s worst fears to theRead More →

Like episode two, Black Lightning :”Mastery Lowry” continued in the vein of strong story telling for the Pierce family. Lynn is working for a scientific breakthrough, Jennifer is struggling with her fears, Anissa is the resident Robin Hood, and Jefferson is battling at the schoolhouse and for his friendship. AndRead More →

Charmed ditches the setup, tones down the messaging and gets into the reality of the situation these three women now find themselves facing in “Let This Mother Out,” and episode that’s infinitely superior to the Pilot, and that does a lot to endear us not just to the Charmed onesRead More →