‘Mythic Quest’ 3×10 Review: “Buffalo Chicken Pizza”

Mythic Quest 3×10 “Buffalo Chicken Pizza” is a season finale that encapsulates so much of what makes this show great.

‘Mythic Quest’ 3×09 Review: “The Year of Phil”

Mythic Quest 3×09 “The Year of Phil” gives fans a much-needed emotional break before what’s sure to be an emotional finale.

‘Mythic Quest’ 3×07 Review: “Sarian”

Mythic Quest 3×07 “Sarian” follows in the series’ long tradition of one-off stories that destroy us in the best possible way.

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Life By Ella is getting closer! We talked with EPs Jeff Hodsden and Tim Pollock to find out what the show’s creative process was like.

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Life By Ella is coming! We talk with stars Lily Brooks O’Briant, Artyon Celestine, and Vanessa Carrasco about their experience on the show.

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‘For All Mankind’ 3×01 Review: “Polaris”

Despite a time jump, For All Mankind 3×01 “Polaris” manages to pick up right where the previous season ended…with very fine storytelling.

Rupert Grint Talks About Fatherhood

We love the fact that Rupert Grint loves being a Dad. We love the fact that he gushes about being a Dad.

‘The Morning Show’ 2×07 Review: “La Amara Vita”

The Morning Show 2×07, “La Amara Vita,” gave Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) something resembling closure for an important friendship.

‘The Morning Show’ 2×04 Review: “Kill the Fatted Calf”

The Morning Show 2×04 “Kill the Fatted Calf” really spent a lot of time asking an important question: What, exactly, is the right thing to do? Then, as kind of a second part of that overall discussion, the episode left…

‘The Morning Show’ 2×03 Review: “Laura”

The Morning Show 2×03, “Laura,” saw Daniel Henderson wrapped up in the chaos of people trying to leave Wuhan before lockdown in a continuation of this season’s theme of watching 2020 unfurl with the curse of hindsight. Mitch Kessler was…

‘The Morning Show’ 2×02 Review: “It’s Like the Flu”

We need to talk about The Morning Show just continuing to destroy is. But also…wtf on the “safe spaces” scene in “It’s Like the Flu?”

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Foundation’s Lou Llobel talks about Gaal Dornick, the message behind the show and the scope of the show in our exclusive interview.

‘The Problem With Jon Stewart’ Has a Premiere Date

The Problem with Jon Stewart has a premiere date – and yes, it’s pretty much the show we expected it to be.

Why You Should Be Watching ‘Home Before Dark’

Apple TV+ has flown somewhat under the radar in the streaming wars. There are some high-profile names on the service, like Reese Witherspoon, Jason Momoa, and Chris Evans, but that’s not all they have. While looking for something to watch…

‘Dickinson’ Ordered For A Second Season By AppleTV+

There are always mixed reviews for anything – people love or they hate, and sometimes there is an in between. With Dickinson on AppleTV+, I admit that I have heard mixed reviews. But I am still so excited to watch…

See The Trailer For Apple TV+ New Show: ‘Dickinson’

Ok, so I just shelled out $140 bucks for three years of Disney+ and I have no regrets. I admit, I am staring at my cable box right now, knowing that it’s going to have to go soon, because the…