As we head into the end of spring and the beginning of summer, the fall TV season comes to a close. However fear not because in the world of TV, there is never a time where there isn’t new programming to sink your teeth into. So we at Fangirlish areRead More →

We wanted it, and we got it. Bill Hader has officially been nominated for an Emmy award for his outstanding performance in HBO’s Barry, a show he co-created and directed. This will be his fourth acting nomination, following the three he got while on Saturday Night Live. Hader is also nominatedRead More →

The thing about writing a brilliant episode is that it’s hard to follow up on it. Barry’s seventh hour had proven to be one of the best episodes television has ever delivered, so the stakes were high and the expectations were even higher going into the show’s season finale. AndRead More →

Multi-chaptered, thousand page books could and should be written about what Alec Berg, Bill Hader and the cast, crew and writers of Barry’s seventh episode delivered to us in 30 minutes of utterly brilliant, screen and soul consuming storytelling. It’s not even a masterpiece. There is no actual phrase orRead More →

A hero who can’t seem to catch a break is the main ingredient in any story. It’s the perfectly complex situation to place your characters in, the writing gold mine you wish you could submerge your characters in constantly. Because the bigger the problem, the more story there is toRead More →

Barry is irredeemable. He murders people for a living, he follows orders seemingly without questioning them first. He takes hits on people, he kills them in the most brutal ways. He is never going to be able to have a normal murder-free life. He is never going to be ableRead More →

What a great week this has been to be a Bill Hader enthusiast. Not only was the news of Barry’s season two renewal on HBO the greatest, but if you’ve been paying attention, it looks like Bill Hader is in talks to portray an adult Richie Tozier in the secondRead More →

One of the best shows of the year has been officially renewed to come back for a second season. HBO renewed their new show Barry on Thursday, and fans were ecstatic. The show is due to return with a still unknown number of episodes in 2019, although HBO has not announcedRead More →

Barry is a rollercoaster. There is no other way to describe the amazingly written, award-worthy incredible piece of storytelling that is this show. Every week we think this show is going somewhere, and while tonally and cinematographically it remains pretty solid, its ability to pull the rug from underneath usRead More →

If Barry’s pilot was anything to go by, we expected a certain structure to episodes, almost like a hit-of-the-week formula where we’d see Barry try to juggle his hitman life with his newly found love of acting. We imagined a gruesome death every week and an emotional dilemma for Barry to workRead More →

HBO’s new show is an incredibly exciting one. There, I said it. Alec Berg (Silicon Valley) and Bill Hader have teamed up to write and direct a refreshing, 30 minute television show that simultaneously baffles and confuses you, and yet excites you, leaving you desperately needing more. “Barry” is aRead More →