Reviews From A Book Reader: Bridgerton 2×07: “Harmony”

Bridgerton 2×07 “Harmony” is about the fallout, and about Kate and Anthony, finally. It’s taken the show too damn long.

Reviews From A Book Reader: Bridgerton 2×06: “The Choice”

Bridgerton 2×06 “The Choice” finally ends the love triangle, in the worst way possible. And we get our first kiss! At least there’s that.

Reviews From A Book Reader: ‘Bridgerton’ 2×04: “Victory”

Bridgerton 2×04 “Victory” feels nothing like one, for Edwina, for Anthony, for Kate and even for us, the viewers following their story.

Reviews From A Book Reader: Bridgerton 2×02: “Off to the Races”

Bridgerton 2×02 “Off to the Races” is about setting up the dynamics that are going to take center stage this season, and it all works.

Reviews From A Book Reader: ‘Bridgerton’ 2×01: “Capital R Rake”

Bridgerton 2×01 “Capital R Rake” brings back the Bridgerton family, and introduces the Sharmas — and the Kate/Anthony dynamics.

Toby Stephens, Rakie Ayola And Charithra Chandra Join ‘Alex Rider’ Season 2

Eleventh Hour Films has today announced that stage and screen actor Toby Stephens (Die Another Day, Jane Eyre, Lost In Space, Black Sails), Rakie Ayola (Holby City, Hermione Granger in Harry Potter And The Cursed Child) and newcomer Charithra Chandran are among…