‘The Good Fight’ 6×10 Review: “The End of Everything”

The Good Fight 6×10 “The End of Everything” is a touching, bittersweet, hilarious, tense, thought-provoking, surprising, fitting goodbye.

‘The Good Fight’ 6×09 Review: “The End of Democracy”

The Good Fight 6×09 “The End of Democracy” makes yet another “end” into something almost…fun. How will we survive the real end without it?

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There’s a lot — a lot — going on in The Good Fight 6×08 “The End of Playing Games.” But which threat is the one to end it all?

‘The Good Fight’ 6×07 Review: “The End of STR Laurie”

The Good Fight 6×07 “The End of STR Laurie” brilliantly starts to tie up plot threads. Better yet: There’s light in all this darkness.

‘The Good Fight’ 6×06 Review: “The End of a Saturday”

The Good Fight 6×06 “The End of a Saturday” reminds us of everything that made us fall in love in the first place.

‘The Good Fight’ 6×05 Review: “The End of Ginni”

The Good Fight 6×05 “The End of Ginni” features a delightfully zany court case, combining the chaotic energy of Elsbeth and Ri’Chard.

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The Good Fight 6×04 “The End of Eli Gold” features some really great storytelling, an incredible performance from Alan Cumming and much more.

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It’s Carmen Moyo’s world, and we’re all just living it. Join us as we review The Good Fight 6×03 “The End of Football.”

‘The Good Fight’ 6×02 Review: “The End of the Yips”

For anyone who loved Alan Cumming as Eli Gold on The Good Wife, or is a sucker for father/daughter relationships, The Good Fight 6×02 is about as much of a highlight episode as it gets. And well. We’d like to plead guilty, Your Honors.

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The Good Fight 6×01 “The Beginning of the End” is, overall, a great premiere. But we really need side-eye this Ben-Baruch character.

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The Good Fight Season 6 trailer is here! And our feelings about it are equal parts “yesss” and “too soon.” It’s giving bittersweet.