We really loved Dunkirk when we saw it in theaters. It moved us to tears. This movie is one that you can’t miss. I know, I know that you are all thinking that it’s because of Harry Styles. But honestly, when you watch the movie, you forget that he’s inRead More →


The Titanic is one of the most iconic and tragic events on the 20th century, in which more than 1500 people perished. Despite lifejackets (almost everyone was wearing one, according to reports), only 700 people survived. There were more than 2200 people on bored on that faithful night, April 14,Read More →

Well duh. But in this case, he proves himself a triple threat in the top spot. Harry has officially become the first person to have a debut song, album and film all hit the number one spot on release. Sign of the Times, his self titled album, and Dunkirk allRead More →

The moment has finally come….Harry Styles is a movie star. Thursday, July 13 saw Leicester Square taken over by the stars of the upcoming WWII film Dunkirk for the red carpet premiere. Among those appearing, One Direction star Harry Styles celebrating his first major film debut. Other stars in appearanceRead More →

The first full length trailer for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film Dunkirk has been released, and to say it had an impact on everyone is an understatement. It doesnt matter if you are a WWII film buff, an action lover, or one of the millions of 1D fans counting down theRead More →