Camila Cabello Wants To Be Like Ed Sheeran For This Reason

We love when celebrities talk about other celebrities and make us love them more. Camila Cabello wants to be like her friend Ed Sheeran for the best reason

Ed Sheeran’s ‘2 Step’ Video Was Filmed In The Ukraine Before Russian Invasion

We’re watching the video of #2Step by #EdSheeran on repeat because (1) it’s a great song and (2) all revenue from the YouTube stream is going to aid Ukraine

Elton John & Ed Sheeran Christmas Single Set To Be Released Friday

I love Ed Sheeran. I love Elton John. I do not love Love, Actually. But because I love two out of three of these things, I love the announcement today that channeled Love, Actually for their big announcement. “Just under…

Ed Sheeran Answers The Question Why He Hasn’t Collabed With Adele

There are things that I think of and things that the internet brings to my attention and I am like why didn’t I think of that? When I think of music there are quite a few people that I love…

Ed Sheeran Already Has A Fifth Album Ready To Go

#EdSheeran’s new album is out, but what’s that you say? He already has another one ready to go?

Ed Sheeran Announces New Album, “=”

We’re always up for new music, but especially when it comes from Ed Sheeran. The singer/songwriter announced his new album today. Read more about it here!

Ed Sheeran Is Back With ‘Bad Habits’

photo source Ed Sheeran is finally back and releasing new music everyone! it’s been two years since he released No. 6 Collaborations Project. This time he is back and releasing his new single ‘Bad Habits’ and it’s addictive as fuck.…

Music Monday: Our 8 Favorite Moments From Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” Music Video

If there is anyone that I would want to write a song about me, it would be Ed Sheeran. The man has a way with words and I have yet to find words that he has strung together that I…

Ellie Goulding Talks Niall Horan and Ed Sheeran

We are obsessed with Ellie Goulding – not gonna lie. She puts together a good album and we’re all about her girl power. The 29 year old singer is covering Seventeen Magazine and in it she talks all about her…