Beijing 2022: Skate Canada Needs to Check Themselves

Ahead of the women’s short program of the figure skating team event at the 2022 Olympics, Skate Canada needs to check themselves. Here’s why.

Allyson Felix Becomes Most-Decorated US Track And Field Athlete Ever

Allyson Felix became the most decorated US track and field athlete ever. Take that, Nike!

MyKayla Skinner is FINALLY an Olympic Medalist!

MyKayla Skinner has finally achieved her dream of being an Olympic medalist.  Her path wasn’t the easiest, but she never gave up, and we couldn’t be happier for her! In 2016, MyKayla was an alternate for the women’s gymnastics team…

Sunisa Lee Will Probably Delete Her Twitter Account

We don’t blame Suni Lee for this comment – hell, Twitter is sometimes the scariest place on the face of the earth and the most draining.

Simone Biles Will Compete In The Beam Competition Finals At The Tokyo Olympics

USA Gymnastics has announced that #SimoneBiles will be competing in the beam finals at the Olympics. No matter what happens, we’re so proud and inspired by her.

Olympics: Suni Lee Is All-Around Champion, And The Internet Rejoices

So much of the gymnastics narrative has revolved around Simone Biles in the last week or so, and for good reason. Simone, the greatest gymnast in history, without argument, has also now become a great role model for mental health…

We’re Proud of the Women’s Gymnastics Team

The USA women’s gymnastics team won an Olympic silver medal in the team final on Tuesday. We are so proud of all of these women, and they should be celebrated! Unless you don’t have internet access or just don’t care…

Barstool, the NWHL, and White Feminism

This Barstool situation has exposed a problem with the NWHL and with women’s hockey culture at large that needs to be addressed, and soon.

‘Battle of the Blades’ Season 6, Episode 3 Recap: The Distraction We Need

In the midst of a week that absolutely refuses to end, at a time when the concept of time is irrelevant and we are all stuck in suspense, waiting for one bit of news and instead being inundated with deranged…

The Highs and Lows of the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Well, the strangest NHL season in recent memory has come to an end, and the Tampa Bay Lightning have been crowned this year’s Stanley Cup champions. The playoffs were… weird, to say the least, and a lot happened, some of…

My Most Hated Sports Team: The Montreal Canadiens

This is an entry in Fangirlish’s What Sports Mean To Me series, where our writers discuss memorable sports moments and how sports have impacted their lives. Sometimes, when it comes to sports fandom, it’s more fun to cheer against other teams than…

Fansportish: It’s Time We Acknowledge The Existence of Women’s Sports

Two years ago, I remember watching in terrified silence as the seconds ticked down in a one-goal game my Canadian girls were about to lose to their American rivals. I remember screaming in joy when Marie-Philip Poulin scored the tying…