Sebastian Stan Celebrates The 13th Anniversary Of The ‘Gossip Girl’ Premiere

Sebastian Stan rewatching the pilot of Gossip Girl is everything we never knew we needed.

Adele Makes A Fan’s Day By Sending A DM On Instagram

If Adele pops into my DM’s the first thing I am gonna be thinking is that I forgot to take my meds and then that I took too many

James Charles Calls Out Lauren Conrad And She Responds Gracefully

Just because you think it, doesn’t mean that you need to say it. Sometimes you need to just STFU.

Bella Hadid Calls Out The NYPD For Not Wearing Masks

Bella Hadid calls out the NYPD for not wearing masks and we stan.

We See Your Instagram Swagger Tom Holland

Look, we know that no one’s relationship is any of our business. We accept it and we embrace your attitude about everything. You are there for your fans, you are there for your family, and you are hard working. We…

Sarah Hyland And Wells Adams Celebrate What Would Have Been Their Wedding Day

Love in the time of corona… It means that you’re probably postpone your wedding if you are at that stage of your relationship. After all if you are throwing a wedding, you probably want your entire family around. Sarah Hyland…

The Royal Family Wishes Meghan Markle A Happy Birthday

Talk about some cold as fuck birthday wishes. But I don’t know what I expected. This is The Royal Family after all.

Zayn + Gigi = Cuteness Overload

These two are so fucking cute I die.

Cole Sprouse Returns To Social Media After A Break

Taking a mental health break when you need one is important. Don’t take that for granted. You come first.

Noah Flynn’s Instagram Is Blank – But We’re Still Following

We’d like to know what Netflix was thinking when they left Noah Flynn’s Instagram profile empty. Do better. #TheKissingBooth2

Britney Spears Talks About Her Instagram Posts

Britney Spears says she is happy.

Mariah Carey Has Written A Memoir

Mariah Carey has written a memoir and I have to admit that I am really excited to read it. Now when is it coming out?

Hilary Duff Calls People Out And We Agree With Her

Hilary Duff calls people out for not wearing a mask and going out in Los Angeles.

‘Holding Up The Universe’ Optioned For Film

We love when a book is optioned for film, especially one that we love as much as Holding Up The Universe.

Sarah Hyland Talks About Her Wedding Plans

One thing that has to suck for a lot of people this year is that they have had to put off their weddings. Getting married in the time of corona virus just feels like an impossibility. That is if you…

Chris Evans Launching ‘A Starting Point’ Website This Month

Chris Evans civic engagement website, A Starting Point, set to launch July 14th.

Kate Middleton Has Been Commenting on #HoldStill2020 Entries

Imagine opening Instagram and thinking that the only comments that you are going to have are from your Mom, or the dude that you ghosted years ago that can’t get over it. Ya, your Instagram feed isn’t expecting much. Or…

Rebel Wilson Talks About 2020 Being The Year of Health

Lets all be honest – we spend way too much time in this world focusing on what people look like versus who they are. It’s a sad fact in life that we forget that people are more than who they…

Kelly Clarkson Talks About Adele’s Weight Loss

Everyone who reads Fangirlish knows that I have a shit ton of opinions and some you may agree with. Some you may not. But I have my own unique way of talking about all of the things that I feel.…

Paul McCartney: Saying Nothing Is Not An Option

I have always loved Paul McCartney. I grew up on The Beatles and have always appreciated their music. The singer took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the worldwide protests and the call for justice following the death of…

Ryan Guzman Upsets 9-1-1 Co-Stars by Using Racial Slurs

Ryan Guzman is probably best known for playing Eddie Diaz on Fox’s incredibly popular 9-1-1. At least until this week. On Sunday he became famous for a completely different reason: he admitted on Instagram Live that he uses racial slurs…