Hellatus is coming to an end, blindspotters! There are only days to enjoy our favorite show  again and, to make us want more, here are the pics for episode 4×02, pictures that promise reunions, danger and new faces. Here we go! In the photos, we can see the team immersedRead More →


There is just little more than a week to enjoy season 4 of our favorite show! Because of that, information is finally being released. On this occasion, we have the synopsis for episode 4×03, entitled “The Quantico Affair“and new information about the premiere. Here we go! SYNOPSIS “BLINDSPOT” “THE QUANTICO AFFAIR” 10/26/2018Read More →

The new season of Blindspot is almost here! The premiere is approaching and we already have the synopsis and promotional photos for the premiere. Now it’s the turn of the synopsis of episode 4×02, entitled “My art project,” that promises great situations of tension. Here we go! “BLINDSPOT” “MY ART PROJECT” 10/19/2018Read More →

How close is the new Blindspot season! You can almost feel it in the air, and it’s because of the fact that we have more and more new things from season four. On this occasion, we bring you the first trailer and the key art. Here we go! KEY ART TheRead More →

News are coming, Blindspotters! Every day brings us closer to the episode 4×01 and while the actors enjoy filming the new batch of episodes in Japan, we kill our anxieties with very promising news of what awaits us in season 4. Here we go! Thanks to Spoiler TV we haveRead More →

There are very few days left to enjoy a new Blindspot episode! In a very short time, we will find out how this story continues and we will get some answers. Meanwhile, here are the promotional photos and the synopsis of episode 3×15, which we can watch on Friday. HereRead More →

Blindspot has blown our heads once again! “This Profound Legacy” was so awesome! I don’t know how they do it, but every episode is an adventure and a roller coaster of emotions. The action and the emotional part find a perfect balance in an episode marked by Jane’s reaction to the revelation ofRead More →

After almost a week, we are on the verge of a new episode of Blindspot! There is very little left till 3×03 “Upside Down Craft“. Are you as excited as we are to get into the wonderful world of Blindspot one more time? As an appetizer, here’re the sneak peeks forRead More →