Miles Teller Talks Breaking Protocol When Meeting Prince William & Kate Middleton

Well, we wouldn’t be able to remember all the rules either, so we’re not hating. Miles, we would have messed up protocol too.

Rumor Is The Duchess of Cambridge And The Duchess of Sussex May Be Working Together On Something

We’re kinda hoping that whomever this source is, is right because like we love a good story.

Kate Middleton Has Been Commenting on #HoldStill2020 Entries

Imagine opening Instagram and thinking that the only comments that you are going to have are from your Mom, or the dude that you ghosted years ago that can’t get over it. Ya, your Instagram feed isn’t expecting much. Or…

Kate Middleton Launches New Photography Project

We are living in an odd time. A time where history books will be filled with what we are going through, what we have done, and how we handle it. And everyone is going through it differently. But we are…