Everything You Need to Know About Ice Dance and Pairs Figure Skating in Japan

The pairs and ice dance events from Japan have traditionally not enjoyed the level of popularity that the singles events inspire. 

MyKayla Skinner is FINALLY an Olympic Medalist!

MyKayla Skinner has finally achieved her dream of being an Olympic medalist.  Her path wasn’t the easiest, but she never gave up, and we couldn’t be happier for her! In 2016, MyKayla was an alternate for the women’s gymnastics team…

Alen Hadzic Participating in the Tokyo Olympics, Despite Sexual Assault Allegations, is a Garbage Move

Alen Hadzic participating in the Tokyo Olympics, despite sexual assault allegations, is a garbage move and that’s the tea.

Take Note! We All Deserve This Kinda Hype Person

This is the hype man that we all deserve in our lives. If you aren’t bringing this level of energy, step aside.

18 Olympians You Should Be Following on TikTok

We’re thankful for social media in the midst of this pandemic and the fact that Olympians are using it so we can see all the things. We’re all for it.

Tokyo 2020: How do equestrian sports work?

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are officially underway, and that means that millions of people around the world are about to get weirdly invested in sports they had previously never heard of. I, personally, love learning about new sports and then…

‘Golden: The Journey of USA’s Elite Gymnasts’ Episode 5 Review

Episode five of Golden: The Journey of USA’s Elite Gymnasts is riveting, emotional, and delves into the costs of being a world champion.

Simone Biles Had A Familiar DWTS Help With A New Floor Routine

Simone vs. Herself is a great watch (even though we hate FB). See who helped her choreograph her latest routine. It’s a name you may recognize

What To Watch: Olympic Dreams Featuring Jonas Brothers

Look, we’re here for the Olympics, and for the Jonas Brothers. So it stands to reason we’d be here for Olympic Dreams ft Jonas Brothers.

‘Golden: The Journey of USA’s Elite Gymnasts’ Episode 4 Review

Episode four of Golden: The Journey of the USA’s Elite Gymnasts is all about the champion mindset and the highs and lows of the US Classic.

Naomi Osaka Documentary Review: The Growth of A Champion

Netflix’s limited series documentary on Naomi Osaka is quiet, understated, and perfectly encapsulates Naomi’s personality and growth.

‘Naomi Osaka’ Documentary Advanced Review

The Naomi Osaka documentary on Netflix is quiet, introspective, and illuminating. Here is a first look at the limited series documentary.

Golden: The Journey of USA’s Elite Gymnasts Episode 3 Review

Episode three of ‘Golden’ focuses on the National Team Camp, the past and the present, and one gymnast’s road to using her voice for change.

Golden: The Journey of USA’s Elite Gymnasts Episode 2 Review

‘Golden: The Journey of USA’s Elite Gymnasts’ asks the question “What’s in a Coach?” in episode two of the Peacock series.

‘Golden: The Journey of the USA’s Elite Gymnasts’ Episode 1 Review

The first episode of Golden: The Journey of the USA’s Elite Gymnasts is candid, interesting, and allows the athletes to speak for themselves.

22 Best Olympic Tik Tok’s

Olympics. Olympics. Olympics. It is gearing up to be that time when all we do is breathe sports and fascination. Argue with judges over scoring like we are suddenly experts and they can hear us thousands of miles away. Whenever…

Simone Biles is a BAMF and Twitter Knows It

It’s a great day to celebrate Simon Biles for being the champion that she is after making history with the Yurchenko double pike!

This week in Sports: Goodbye, Copa America!

Hello there! We like a little bit of everything here in Fangirlish, and since we’re also covering sports now, we’ll be doing a sort of recap at the end of the week of the notable sports stories of the past…