This is …the end. Or, at least an end. And boy, we’re not sure if we should smile or cry. Smile because …it was a good end. A satisfying one. One that paid tribute to the message of hope that was inherent to the show. Cry because …despite the factRead More →


Okay, Once Upon A Time. That really, really wasn’t what I expected. Kudos to you. Not just for putting the Evil Queen story-line to rest in the best possible way, but for giving Outlaw Queen, or a version of it, some measure of the happy ending they deserved. And oh,Read More →

So Henry has grown up. That’s about the only thing that we learned from “I’ll Be Your Mirror.” That and Rumple’s an asshole, but I’m pretty sure we knew that. This is just like the 290472782372th confirmation. And yes, there’s also Hook-can-see-right-through-your-deception, Regina and please, God, NO, DON’T GIVE MERead More →

That was a twist …wasn’t it? Maybe I’d been lulled into a false sense of security. Maybe I was just too used to the Evil Queen never getting what she wanted. Either way, Once Upon A Time, six seasons in, managed to surprise me in “Heartless.” And that’s a goodRead More →

Goodbye Mr. Jekyll. So long Mr. Hyde. We barely knew ye. It wasn’t such a strange case after all. This episode was way more interesting for what it presented in Storybrooke, and how our characters story-lines entwined with Jekyll and Hyde’s, than  for the actual flashbacks. Especially because, the correlations wereRead More →

Well, that was a good episode, wasn’t it? The flashbacks were engaging, the present stuff was interesting, moving and it gave the actors a chance to show their range. Oh, yes, and the Evil Queen and the Not-so-evil-stepsister’s outfits slayed. There’s a lot to talk about! Joining me this week willRead More →