Once Upon A Time Roundtable “Mother’s Little Helper”

Still no Captain Swan reunion. *sighs* But hey, at least Gideon isn’t really a bad guy? Silver linings and all. Plus, there was a little Snow/Emma bonding (which is more than we ever get), an honest Rumbelle conversation and a couple fun Hook/Blackbeard scenes.

Although, there was a spider. A huge spider. Spiders mean you lost points, Once Upon A Time. Those are the rules.

Plus – the Black Fairy is tortuing kids. Kids. That’s the lowest of the low.

Here to discuss this episode with me are Fangirlish writers Sarah, Caryn and Charles. So, let’s get into the Gideon, the spider and the Black Fairy of “Mother’s Little Helper.”

What were your overall thoughts on this episode?  Rate the episode on a scale of 1 to 10.

Lizzie: I’m finding 6B a lot more cohesive than 6A, so I’m going to give this a 7. The Captain Swan separation has already stretched two episodes more than it should have, but I actually enjoyed Gideon and his interactions with Emma, was creeped out by the Black Fair, wasn’t bothered at all by Rumbelle for a change, and even enjoyed Hook and Blackbeard.

Caryn: Uh I’m going to give it a 6. The Gideon/Black Fairy storyline failed to interest me as I thought it would, it’s a lot of the same old, same old. Everyone else’s role in this episode was designed around this storyline. The only aspect which was somehow interesting was what happened to Henry with regards to his author powers and what that means for the story as a whole.

Sarah:  7. I’m being nice since I really enjoyed the Gideon/Emma and Hook/Blackbeard parts. However the Black Fairy flashbacks and the now dragged out separation of Emma & Hook has officially gotten old and I’d like them reunited asap.

Charles: 6.5. I feel generous with this number since some things in the story didn’t click with me but I enjoyed the Gideon/Emma parts, Rumple had a heroic-ish moment and Hook/Blackbeard was brief but nice.  Still hate the Hook/Emma separation arc with the passion of a thousand Kryptonian suns but more on that in a bit.

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The Captain Swan separation continues. What do you think about the plot contrivances to keep Emma and Killian apart? Are you calm or are you just about reaching the end of your rope? How are they getting back together? Theorize.

Lizzie: I’m so over this excuse-after-excuse to keep Emma and Hook away from each other. Who do you think you’re kidding, Once Upon A Time? A little thing like being in different realms cannot stop true love – all it can do is delay it for a while. We already know the drill. We didn’t need to see it before.

And I guess that’s my main point of contention – the fact that Once Upon A Time – and other shows, really, don’t seem to understand that when the main couple in a show gets together, fans don’t want them to break up or be separated over and over again. We want to see them grow together, do couple stuff, face obstacles as a team. No, there’s no Moonlighting Curse. No, we won’t stop watching. We promise.

But, despite what I just said, I’m mostly calm. Emma knows the truth and it’s just a matter of when, not if. Probably next episode, as this has gone on long enough and this show might be many things, but dumb it ain’t. Captain Swan is what the people want to see. And I’d put my money on Hook figuring out a way home and surprising Emma with the reality that, no matter what, he’ll always fight to get back home to her. And then, proposal #2 and we’re on the road to wedding once again!

Caryn: I’m a little less stressed than I was before because of last week’s shellphone incident, so at least Emma knows that Hook didn’t willingly leave her, they are just separated. But I guess this is the writer’s’ way of giving the Captain Swan relationship angst without actually having to break them up. I am guessing that Hook will return after Gideon gets his heart back and is redeemed by Emma and Co, and reunited with his parents.

Sarah: I’m pretty sure they are getting reunited next week (as in they better be or I will be yelling words I use during road rage at my tv screen on Sunday.) As relieved as I was when Emma found out the truth and immediately got to work on bringing him home, I am at a loss on how it’ll actually happen even if I’m sure Hook will make it home. Personally I’m hoping Emma makes it to Neverland herself to bring him home, or some strange magical loophole will turn up so the portal spell is broken and Hook can get to Storybrooke on his own. Either way please be reunited next week. I get why they wanted to for the plot’s sake, but come on enough is enough I need my favorite savior and pirate to have their epic hug kiss reunion scene.

Charles: I’m getting pretty dang tired of this separation of Hook and Emma to tell the truth. The worst part of it honestly is I can’t tell when it will end. Hook’s big plan to get back didn’t work and now he’s being chased by a bunch of rowdy punks “The Lost Boys”. Emma’s plan didn’t work either thanks to Gideon and I honestly don’t know how they get back to one another as of now. I’m hoping some spell gets whipped up by Regina or something cause its getting almost to the point where I’m like “I don’t care if the Legends of Tomorrow or some other plot hole has to bring Hook back to Emma, just get them back together!!!” (Joking here with this last sentence. Mostly.)

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Caryn:  netflix music love 90s mila kunis GIF



The revelation that the Black Fairy has Gideon’s heart makes him anything but a misguided villain – it makes him a victim, plain and simple. How do you feel about Gideon now? Do you think there’s a happy ending in the cards for him? What about his parents –  will  they ever get to enjoy the son they lost?

Lizzie: I’m having mixed feelings in this regard. I always felt Gideon was someone with a chance a redemption, and even if he hadn’t been controlled, I don’t think he would have been past the breaking point – but the fact that he is under the Black Fairy’s control changes everything for me, for the better. I see Gideon as just another victim, perhaps, the biggest victim of the Black Fairy. He was an innocent child and she robbed him not just of his parents, but of his inocence. Which just makes theorizing what’s coming next all that more complicated. I thought this was leading to a Rumple sacrifice to save his son – and it could still be leading in that direction, I just now feel there might be hope for a happy ending – not a romantic one for Belle and Rumple, but at least, one with their son. I think Gideon is going to get a chance at a full, happy life – a hero’s life. And I want him to have his parents in this life, I do.

Problem is, that feels like tying things too neatly, and that’s not really Once Upon A Time’s style, is it? Something’s gotta give.

Caryn: Things are never as they seem in Storybrooke, and Gideon was always a confusing villain whose intentions did not make sense, so the fact that he is being controlled by the Black Fairy does make sense. It will probably make his redemption past smoother knowing that he did not act on his own accord like so many of the villains in the show. But I do think he is being used as a tool to help redeem Rumple and bring Rumple and Belle back together.

Sarah: IIt honestly cleared things up for me about Gideon as his plan to steal the Savior’s power made little to no sense from the beginning. Now I understand it was all a lie and he was forced here to kill Emma so the Black Fairy could break free. I feel so bad for him having grown up the way he did and then having his heart stolen away. It certainly lends a more fleshed out aspect to his character, but I think his chances of a happy ending still depend on whether or not he can one get his heart back and then two make his own choice to stand up to her – with his parents. I’ve not thought there was a happy ending in the cards for Rumplestiltskin personally in a long time, but the best chance Gideon has I think is to reconcile truly with his family. Whether that actually happens remains to be seen.

Charles: I feel bad that he’s been forced into these things by the Black Fairy. I’m still not a fan of Gideon by any means but I feel sympathy for him now. I think his happy ending is not going to happen. His life was screwed from birth sadly. I wish Belle and Rumple could have got the chance to raise him but that won’t happen now. Well at least I think it won’t but never say never.

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What do you think about Henry’s author powers manifesting? Are you glad Henry finally has a chance at a bigger storyline? Are you even interested? And – do you think this is the end of the story?

Lizzie: It feels a tad too little, too late, though, in a way it also feels like this is the only way to close some storylines, if that’s what Once Upon A Time is doing. It all started with Henry, and it has to sort of end with him – even if it’s not really the end end, but an end to this chapter. (An renewal announcement would help me with the vagueness, OUAT. It really would). So, I like it, yes, but I’m way past the point of loving it because the show never did enough to make me connect emotionally to Henry as an individual.

As to whether I think this is the end – no, I don’t. I think the finale will bring some closure, yes, but I think there are plenty of stories yet to be told.

Caryn: It feels like this is a good place to end the story, many of the characters have been through the motions so many times, I struggle to think of what else they are going to do with them, but since nothing has been announced I think it still depends on whether they will be renewed. I like this storyline for Henry, it adds excitement and urgency which I don’t think we’ve seen in his character in a long time, and I think since he was the one to offset this entire narrative by getting Emma, it makes sense for him to play a part in the ending as well.

Sarah: I’m glad that Henry is getting a true wake up call of sorts to the real responsibilities he has as the author. This storyline hasn’t gotten nearly as much as attention as I would like, but I’m glad they’re finally bringing Henry into the light with it. He hasn’t had the kind of stories I would like for his character in a while, and I think it completely fits that sense he was the one who kicked off the story by bringing Emma to Storybrooke he’d play a huge part in how it ends. By writing it all down and then starting the next chapter. I have no idea if it’ll be the shows ending, but either way I’m looking forward to seeing Henry step up centrally as he was in the first season (and stop with the phasing out playing games on his phone when his mom needs him because come on really?)

Charles: It really does feel like the end doesn’t it? Henry needed a kick in the butt. I mean , last week he was playing games on his phone! Remember when you couldn’t get that kid to stop reading? I hope this projects Henry into the storyline fully but fear he will be sidelined again. Henry has never been my favorite on here but this could be something good if done right. That’s the biggest key isn’t it though? The writing has been hit or miss and this could be a big miss if they are not careful.

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What are your hopes for the rest of season 6B? What journey do you want Once Upon A Time to take us on in the last 6 episodes?

Lizzie: I want Hook and Emma reunited, and married, and I want there to be songs and celebration and no interruptions. I’m probably not going to get the last one, but that is my wish nonetheless. I want Snow and Charming to get a chance to be in the same place at once, bye sleeping curse. I also want Belle and even Rumple to get a chance to enjoy their son – but, let me be clear, I want no part of that romantic relationship. No Rumbelle, please. They’ve gone way past the breaking point.

I also want Regina and Zelena to find a measure of happiness in family – and for both of them to realize that the journey is not over, it’s only beginning. And I want these people to be a family, to be there for each other. I want the best kind of ending for this season- the one that’s not really the end, but the one that, if it turns out that there is no more, you’re still satisfied, because the characters you love are happy.

Also, from a purely selfish standpoint – can Mulan get some happily ever after too? Girl deserves it. (And I wouldn’t say no to a Ruby Slippers cameo, at the very least)

Caryn: Can Captain Swan just get married already? I think after all the nonsense we’ve had to endure with those two, we need some reward. I would also like Regina and Zelena to become some kind badass sister duo, Snow and Charming to break the sleeping curse, and for Belle to be free of Rumple. But because we can’t all have nice things I will settle for Captain Swan and Snowing having happy reunions.

Sarah: Starting off I need the Snowing curse broken right away and for Hook to get back to Storybrooke. For the rest of the season after all this doom and gloom of Emma’s fated to die nonsense some real happy domestic scenes between the whole family, Snow & Charming, Emma & Hook would be really nice and not asking for much here I swear. If I’m asking for everything I’d love if Regina & Zelena truly reconciled as sisters and that Emma & Hook’s wedding go off without a hitch (let the villain storm the freaking reception ok?) The only journey I’d like for the last six episodes is to see the dust settle and let my favorite characters have that happy ending, even if just for a moment they’ve been promised. I’m a little curious at what it would look like (well for a few at least haha.)

Charles: First off, I’d like to see the following — Charming and Snow’s sleep spell be rid off once and for all. I’m ready to see them reunite again while both are awake! Another thing I’m more than ready for is the Captain Swan wedding. They don’t need a long engagement and I believe they won’t have one. Also would like to another Hook/Charming chat now that he knows the truth and they can get that behind. And finally, I’d like to see some people finally get that elusive Happy Ending that they deserve.

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Describe your feelings about the Black Fairy in one gif:


Caryn:  movies beautiful mila kunis flawless black swan GIF



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