Pitch is back tonight after a one week break and we are both excited and scared for what is to come in its final two episodes. It looks like Scratched will deal with Mike’s decision to leave San Diego, as well as Will’s ongoing attempts to start his own restaurant chain.Read More →


Sometimes, when real life gets scary, we need an escape. This has been a tough week for the world, and for America especially, there’s no denying it. We could all do with an escape. So as we all wonder what happens next, let’s remind ourselves of the good in the worldRead More →

You guys. I’m so excited for this episode. I’m running out of ways to say this, but Pitch is fantastic, and if you’re not watching it, you should be. If you are, don’t stop. Because this episode looks like it’s going to be good. We’ll get to see the All-Star GameRead More →

As the writers of the Blacklist love to do, they left us last season with a tantalizing cliff hanger. Tonight, it’s finally time to continue the story in the season 4 premiere “Esteban”. Is the man who kidnapped Liz really her father? How will the rest of the team backRead More →

One of the fall’s most anticipated TV shows premieres tonight, when Ginny Baker finally makes her debut as an MLB pitcher on Fox’s new show Pitch. It looks to be an emotional roller coaster, combining sports culture with female empowerment. If you’re a female sports fan, or just a woman,Read More →

Barry must decide if he’s willing to take a huge risk in order to defeat Zoom on tonight’s all-new episode of The Flash. In the episode, Barry struggles with going along with Harrison Wells’ plan to recreate the Particle Accelerator explosion to get him his speed back. Also, Zoom comesRead More →

Things will be buzzing in tonight’s all-new episode of Arrow. In the episode, Felicity’s nemesis from The Flash, Brie Larvan (aka Bug-Eyed Bandit) makes her Arrow debut when she trounces into Palmer Tech and demanding the microchip that is embedded in Felicity’s spine. We’re getting you ready for “Beacon ofRead More →

Pirates attack in tonight’s all-new episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. In tonight’s episode, the team falls victim to a trap and must battle time pirates. But is their greatest enemy themselves? We’re getting you ready for “Marooned” with sneak peeks, photos and the trending topics about tonight’s episode. LEGENDSRead More →

Damien Darhk makes his evil return in tonight’s all-new episode of Arrow. In the episode, Team Arrow learns about Damien Darhk’s plan to take them out once and for all, while Oliver struggles with the guilt of not telling Felicity about his son, William. There’s also a mayoral debate thatRead More →

Guys. Magnus and Alec are going to meet tonight. Are you ready for this, Shadowhunters? Are you sure you’ll be able to handle the feels? You’d better be, because this episode will introduce Magnus Bane to our main cast of characters, and regardless of what you think of the show,Read More →

Wally’s need for speed might get him in trouble in tonight’s all-new episode of The Flash. In the episode, Barry and Harry Wells team up to find a way to close the breaches while a metahuman named Tar Pit wreaks havoc. Meanwhile, Iris begins to get concerned with Wally’s dragRead More →

We’re going to be seeing double in tonight’s all-new episode of Supergirl. In the episode, Bizarro Girl hits the streets — and skies — of National City, which has Kara scrambling for a way to bring a stop to this twisted version of Supergirl. We’re getting you ready for tonight’sRead More →

Winn’s father returns and wants some father-son time in tonight’s all-new episode of Supergirl. In the episode, Kara sort of takes a back seat as Winn and his past take center stage when his father breaks out of prison and seeks him out for an unknown reason that’s sure toRead More →