See The Trailer And First Look Images For ‘Red Notice’

Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot in a movie together is everything that we didn’t know we needed, but want and will watch.

‘Free Guy’ Review: A Pop Culture Spectacle that Embraces Its Heart-Warming Premise

Everything about Free Guy, the latest film venture from Ryan Reynolds, suggests this is a one-note video game concept incapable of levelling up its storytelling. You know, the kind of film that is dripping in cash-money and original concepts but…

The Friendship Between Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds & Taylor Swift is ❤️❤️

The friendship between Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and Taylor Swift is ❤️❤️. Ryan discussed Taylor using his daughter’s names in a song.

We Are Gonna Need To Marry A Man Like Ryan Reynolds

We need a man like Ryan Reynolds and what we mean by that is devoted and has a sense of humor. We can’t do no sense of humor.

Wait, Who Took The Photo For Taylor Swift’s ‘Renegade’ Artwork

We stan a person who gives credit where credit is due, no matter who it is and what their age is.

Ryan Reynolds Proves He Can Tell A Great Love Story

This is a #2020LoveStory and it may be the most perfect thing I have ever seen.

Ryan Reynolds Gets Covid Tested And Shares The Experience

Normally we have an exit only strategy for noses. BUT for COVID-19 tests, just stick it up there.

Blake Lively Unfollows Husband, Deletes Instagram Posts, and Makes Us Wonder If Love is Dead

In a world where celebrity accounts get hacked a dime for a dozen, it’s easy to look at Blake Lively’s recent Instagram activity and wonder what the hell is going on! Recently, she unfollowed her husband Ryan Reynolds, deleted all…

27 Men That Have Aged Like a Fine Wine

Sometimes perfection comes with age. Like a fine wine it takes time to unravel and reveal it’s complexities, beauty, and distinct nature. The men of this list have only gotten better with age and continue to steal hearts as they…

25 Times This Year Ryan Reynolds Made Us Want to Up Our Twitter Game

If you are talking about people who are doing Twitter right, the first person that springs to my mind is Ryan Reynolds. He’s got this persona that tells people off in the funniest and kindest way. His humor is just…

Movie Review: 'Deadpool' is Brave, Hilarious and Uttery Unique

If you haven’t heard about Deadpool this weekend, you must have been living under a rock. The most successful R-rated film was on everyone’s lips as couples opted out of the usual romancy schmancy movie date and traded it with…