Suffering does not equal strength. Period. There was a lot to hate in last week’s Game of Thrones, from the fact that they killed off the only WOC in the show, to the show-runners apparently committing to  the least surprising ending ever for Daenerys, to Brienne being reduced to beggingRead More →


Season 6 might as well be called Revenge of the Starks, whereby the family of our hearts finally get to win back some agency and their home in the process. Although that did come at a cost – namely of their brother Rickon, the giant Wun-Wun and the nervous systemsRead More →

It’s here, the epic battle that the show has been building up to for seasons – the Battle of the Bastards – more particularly between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton. Apparently, this will be the biggest battle in the history of Game of Thrones so with awesome fight scenes weRead More →

Things are about to become very real in Game of Thrones in ‘The Door’, the trailer has hyped all of us about what to expect in this episode, from Sansa’s finally getting to confront Littlefinger about the horrible situation she was put in with Ramsay Bolton, to Bran getting aRead More →