Who Is The Younger, More Beautiful (Queen) On Game of Thrones?

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  1. Uloma Ibeawuchi says:

    I dont agree. i think its QUEEN Margery.
    1. She is younger and more beautiful
    2.She became a queen and cast Cersei down (Cersei was no longer queen,she was only queen regent. She wasn’t even allowed to stand by the throne anymore instead she was told to wait with the other ladies in the court. Even Grand master Pycel mocked her during the Purple Wedding when he reiterated “QUEEN Margery said…”, before Cersei cut him off irritated,
    2. She took what Cersei held dear. First Jeoffery (who Cersei always preferred to anybody else).Then Tommen (who she even loved more than her lovetr/ brother). Then her beauty (when Cersei’s hair was cut off and she lost that grace). Then her dignity of being a proud lion(when Cersei was stripped naked and made to walk to the Keep. Although she tried to be the proud lion, in the end she broke down and cried, and fell and was laughed at, and ran to the keep).That was something she was NEVER going to gain back.
    3. Even Cersei herself acknowledged this prophesy and knew it was QUEEN Margery when she had the flashback
    If for nothing else, NOBODY besides Margery ever became Queen of Westeros after Cersei. Daernerys was never queen of the 7 kingdoms, just the daughter of a king. At best, she was a princess.

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