TUDUM Gives Us Our First Look At Shadow And Bone Season 2

We’ve got an approximate date for Shadow and Bone season 2 …and some footage. Prepare your soul – if you can.

Shadow and Bone Season 2 Wraps Filming

Shadow and Bone has wrapped filming and the cast has celebrated the moment with a fun video looking ahead to Season 2.

‘Shadow And Bone’ Casts Nikolai, Wylan, Tolya and Tamar

Shadow and Bone season 2 has found its Nikolai, Tolya, Tamar and Wylan and it’s okay, we’re totally calm about that.

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Leigh Bardugo’s ‘Shadow and Bone’ Prequel Is Being Turned Into A Graphic Novel

If you want to know how the darkling became the way he is, Leigh Bardugo’s graphic novel Demon in the Wood will tell you.

Fangirlish 2021 End of Year Lists: Women Who Kicked Ass In 2021

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If you have read any of my TV or movie reviews here on the site, you know that positive female friendship is one of my favorite things in any story. 2021 had many awesome female friendship moments. Here are ten of our staff’s favorites from 2021.

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A Ben Barnes Appreciation Post For His Birthday

Here at Fangirlish we have major love for Shadow and Bone star Ben Barnes. Today, August 20th, marks his fortieth birthday, so we wanted to do something to celebrate it, which is why we put together a list of some…

Fangirlish ‘Shadow and Bone’ Playlist for The Crows

We’re back with another Shadow and Bone Playlist. This time we’ve put one together four our favorite misfits; The Crows. Take a look!

Fangirlish Playlist for ‘Shadow and Bone’s’ Jesper Fahey

We love a good Shadow and Bone playlist. This time around we’re showing our precious baby Jesper some love with our latest one.

Is A Ben Barnes Music Album Coming?

If you’ve been a fan of Ben Barnes for a long time, then you know he’s a talented actor and he can also sing. Will he release an album soon?

Fangirlish Playlist for ‘Shadow and Bone’s’ Kaz Brekker

We’re back with another Shadow and Bone character playlist. This time we are focusing on the Bastard of the Barrel, AKA Dirtyhands himself, Kaz Brekker. We love our broken leader of the Crows. He’s got many layers and we think…

Keep Calm, Trope On: Found Families

What do Stranger Things and Shadow & Bone have in common? They feature the “found family” trope. I discuss why this is my new favorite trope.

Fangirlish Playlist for ‘Shadow and Bone’s’ Alina Starkov

Shadow and Bone has been renewed so that means we can keep talking about it forever. It also means we can make more character playlists.

Thinking About Trying A Virtual Con? Here’s What You Should Know

Virtual conventions can be a lot of fun, and if you are thinking of attending one, we’ve got a few things you should know.

‘Shadow And Bone’ Renewed For Season Two

The Sun summoner has smiled down on us with some amazing news. Shadow and Bone, the popular series based on the bestselling books by Leigh Bardugo, has been renewed for season two. The announcement was made during day one of…

See The Blooper Reel From Season 1 Of ‘Shadow & Bone’

We love a good blooper reel Netflix, but we love a season 2 confirmation even more. Can we have that?

Keep Calm, Trope On: Friends-to-Lovers

We all have our favorite and least favorite tropes. From love triangles to slow burns, tropes are often the best ways to showcase great characters and storylines. They can also be frustrating and make you question why it is even…