What’s more terrifying than a villain that uses children’s toys as deadly weapons? Meet the Toyman. CBS has released a promo for Monday’s all-new episode of Supergirl, titled “Childish Things,” which features Henry Czerny’s debut as the Toyman, aka Winn’s father. And Winn isn’t too happy to hear about hisRead More →


Kara will face off against a destructive mirror image of herself in an upcoming episode of Supergirl airing Feb. 1. But it won’t be Melissa Benoist playing the mirror image of her character Kara. Hope Lauren will play Bizarro Girl, EW.com has reported. Bizarro Girl is a twisted version ofRead More →

So long as Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl all exist within Greg Berlanti’s superhero universe, there’s always going to the question, desire, and demand for a crossover between all three shows. While The CW’s Arrow and The Flash crossover on a regular basis, including an annual crossover event, since Supergirl‘sRead More →

Life is full of hardships that really test your character and strength. Where hardships push you to the edge where you teeter between what’s right and what you know is wrong and yet you feel compelled to act upon in a moment of heated rage. It’s called being human. OrRead More →