10 Underrated Movies of 2021

There is only so much time and so many movies to see that maybe you missed some this year. Check out our list of underrated movies of 2021!

See The Latest Clip From ‘The Hating Game’

This weekends plans include watching #TheHatingGame. But until we have time, we’ll be watching this clip on repeat.

See New Stills From ‘The Hating Game’

It’s not too much longer now until #TheHatingGame is released and while we wait, here’s some pics to get us all through.

Filming On ‘The Hating Game’ Has Wrapped

We have been looking forward to this for a long time. Filming on #TheHatingGame has wrapped, which means we’re one step closer to the movie!

Lucy Hale and Robbie Amell To Headline Adaptation of ‘The Hating Game’

I’m always nervous about book to movie adaptations. To be honest most of the time I set my expectations low, because I know that I am going to be disappointed. It’s a sad but harsh truth. That being said –…