The more things change, the more they stay the same. Or so the saying goes. In a strange sense, this is never more true than in Tom Cavanagh’s role on The Flash. Every season, a different Wells joins the team, to impart his particular scientific knowledge, Holmsian detective skills, orRead More →


I promise I didn’t do anything bad to Alyssa this week, guys! However, when she asked me to review this week’s episode of The Flash, Run Iris Run, how could I resist? Two great episodes in a row, and I get to write about them? Count me in! This was oneRead More →

Alyssa asked me to write the review for The Flash’s episode this week. For the record, nobody can prove I did anything nefarious to her so that I could write a review of what turned out to be one of my favorite episodes of the entire series. And I definitelyRead More →

The Olympics are over, but the race is still on. Only there aren’t medals involved. It’s life and death and a lot of metahumans. The Flash returned with a country twang and a foreign feeling — a feeling that involved liking Ralph Dibney and actually feeling sorry for the guy.Read More →

When it comes to midseason finales, you’re expecting it to go down. You know there’s going to be a cliffhanger. You know something is going to seem beyond hopeless. You know that the bad guy, for however a short time, is going to feel victorious. But in The Flash’s midseasonRead More →

Honestly, I feel like I need to pinch myself sometimes because The Flash — my Flash — has returned stronger and better than ever. Because it feels like I’m dreaming sometimes — because this is exactly what I wanted from The Flash. I wanted The Flash that embraced its lightRead More →

In a season of The Flash where Barry Allen had become the villain of his own story, ironically that proved to be true in terms of storytelling, as well. After the long, dragged out process of dangling Savitar’s identity in front of us like a tasteless bone, The Flash finallyRead More →

In two seasons of The Flash, Tom Cavanagh has played four different characters from Harrison Wells of Earth-2 to Reverse Flash to Eobard Thawne to the real Harrison Wells, albeit briefly. So despite his character(s) dying or stepping away from this show, there are always opportunities to keep Cavanagh thrivingRead More →