Paramount+ Gives Us All The Gift That Keeps On Giving

This is the best gift that we’ve been given and yes, it may be on repeat. We have no shame.

Kate Winslet Thinks That Tom Cruise May Be Fed Up With Hearing About Her

Kate Winslet beat a record of Tom Cruise’s and we’re just thinking that all people should beat Tom Cruise cause it’s him.

Glen Powell Talks About The Advice That Tom Cruise Gave Him

Well we’re not the ones that would take advice from Tom Cruise, but you know we don’t work with him and so we don’t have to.

The Fans Have Spoken! See ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Is Better Than The Original

We feel the need… the need for time to go watch #TopGunMaverick! The internet seems to love it. Have you seen it?

James Corden Said Yes To Something Most Definitely Wouldn’t

We will miss #JameCorden when he’s no longer hosting The Late Late Show, cause he honestly will do anything but & we LOVE it.

See The Character Posters From ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

A good character poster draws a viewer into a movie. The posters for #TopGunMaverick are here and we … well, we love some of them

Tom Cruise Teased ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ During AFC Championship

We’re betting that we’ll be getting a #TopGunMaverick trailer during the superbowl. But that’s just a guess!

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Will Hit Theaters In 2022

Everything is shifting in the pandemic and we’ve come to expect it. But we’re okay with it, because #TopGunMaverick needs to be in theaters.

A-Z Movie Reviews: ‘Interview With The Vampire’

Welcome to A-Z Movie Reviews.  Every Sunday, for the next several months, I will be posting a review of a film in my home movie collection.  How it works is, I will be reviewing movies in alphabetical order until I get to the…

Tom Cruise Goes Off On The Set of ‘Mission Impossible 7’ And We’re Kinda Not Sure What To Think

#TomCruise went off on the set of #MissionImpossible7 and we can’t say we’re disagreeing with what he said. Delivery was ummm….

The Gift Tom Cruise Gave A ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Co-Star

Now my boss is an amazing gift giver and I appreciate her whole heartedly. She’s one of the most giving people in the world. But hey, I will say this – Tom Cruise outdid her. Now, it’s not a gift…

Comic Con News Round-up: Thursday

Snagging a ticket to Comic Con is no walk in the park. If you’re one of the masses of fans who couldn’t find a way to squeeze into Hall H this year, check back here all week for our coverage…

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Comes to Hall H With First Footage

Well, that’s our first big San Diego Comic Con surprise in the books. Tom Cruise showed up to Hall H today, on the official first day of Comic Con, to unveil the trailer and poster for the long awaited Top…