You hear that screaming and wailing in the distance? It’s me losing it over EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT. of Supernatural‘s “The Scar.” I thought I felt robbed before when The CW didn’t pick up Wayward Sisters. The revelation that Claire is a queer character and that we were about to getRead More →


Supernatural’s “The Bad Place” had Jack return to the picture, proved that Mary was alive to the Winchesters, and set up the final pieces for the arrival of Wayward Sisters. This mid-season finale also set us, and the Winchesters, on an uncharted path of universe hopping and possible dinosaur sightings. We’re so readyRead More →

We’re finally getting a first look at the female driven Supernatural spin-off called Wayward Sisters. EW has released photos of the backdoor pilot. The spin-off will have Claire (Kathryn Love Newton) returning to her home in South Dakota to reunite with Jody (Kim Rhodes) and Alex (Katherine Ramdeen). She’s joined by Donna (Brianna Buckmaster),Read More →

Casting for Wayward Sisters, the spinoff to Supernatural, is off to a great start with the addition of Briana Buckmaster according to SpoilerTV! Buckmaster is best known as Sheriff Donna Hanscum. She first appeared in Supernatural’s ‘The Purge’, where she crossed passed with Sam and Dean hunting down Pishtacos. She was an instant fan favorite.Read More →