‘Supernatural’ 13×10 Review: Wayward Sisters is the Kind of Show We Need

Wayward Sisters has finally arrived and it’s the beautiful unicorn that we all knew it to be. The ladies are at the forefront of their own story and Sam & Dean need them to save their butts from The Bad Place. And though it’s not perfect, it’s a really good start for the all-women supernatural hunting team and family. The only direction to go now is up and a full season order, of course!

Let’s talk about the Supernatural back-door pilot to Wayward Sisters!

Why Wayward Sisters Works


Supernatural has always been at the forefront of creating strong female characters. From Jo to Charlie, we’ve fallen in love and become invested in the journeys of these women since day one. But at the end of the day, this is Sam and Dean’s story and everyone else can get the cut if the story calls for it.

That’s where Wayward Sisters comes in.

This is a story about women, for women, and starring women of all ages, colors, and sizes. It’s representation that finally puts the female characters of this world on their own show and journeys of growth and self-discovery. And no offense to Sam and Dean (tall, muscular, handsome dorks that they are) but it’s an opportunity for me to see someone on TV kicking ass and taking names that actually looks like me.

Wayward Sisters works because it’s something that we’ve been waiting for for 12 years. And honestly, it feels like finally coming home. We might never be hunters or psychics but we are warriors in our own right and it’s nice to know that there stories out there that we can invest in that reflect some of the things in our lives, be it having an annoying sister that runs off or the bubbly/badass aunt who comes around from Minnesota.

We see ourselves in these women and we can’t wait to see more.

Kaia and Claire: The Ship I Never Knew I Wanted


If you’re part of fandom then you know that shipping is a core element. We get invested in their storied and spiral out of control into fanfics, fanart, and anything that we can get our hands on that exemplifies the journey that they’re on. That being said, I’ve never shipped someone so quickly as I did with Kaia and Claire.

Now, they can be friends for all I know. They don’t have to be lesbians just because I saw a connection between them. But it could be something more if The CW wanted to go down that route. These two women had an instant connection that viewers could feel from the first smile or the first time they held hands. There’s potential, a spark, that can light the fire of thousands of fangirls hearts.

And trust me, you’re not alone in seeing this ship. Hop on Twitter or Tumblr and you’ll see plenty of fans using the hashtag “Dreamhunter” and letting their voices be heart. We want more LGBT representation on TV. Always have and always will. And if this ship has even the smallest of potentials to grow into a well written angst train of epic proportions, then I want it.

What’s Next When It Comes to Wayward Sisters


Let’s be honest with each other. Wayward Sisters wasn’t perfect. It needed some work with it pacing, production, and more. Before you flip over tables and find my Twitter, this isn’t me dumping on Wayward Sisters. this is me realizing and understanding that this show needs work, but I’m willing to stick by it because I see the potential in it.

I know what this show’s means and what it can do to thousands of women in the Supernatural fandom and outside of the fandom. That’s why I want to give it its best chance and set it on a path of success. I don’t want just a spin-off of Supernatural. I want a show full of badass women who have lost so much and found love, a life, family, and a sisterhood with each other.

What comes next is integrating women into the production of Wayward Sisters. I’m talking women directors, producers, and more. We need a writers room full of women who can write stories that we can connect to when it comes to this sisterhood. And why stop there? If we want to make Wayward Sisters work, we need LGBT and POC writers who can tell a different perspective and make the story richer aka easier to connect to for a multitude of women.

If you enjoyed Wayward Sisters then tweet about it or let us know what you think in the comments below! Tell your friends, sit them down to watch, and spread the word. We can make this happen. And all it takes is making your voice heard. We got this!

Favorite Scene from Wayward Sisters:


Check out the trailer for next week’s Supernatural w/ guest star Briana Buckmaster aka Donna Hanscum:

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW.


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