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It’s too late to Fix the Floriana Lima Mistake, So Don’t Bring Maggie Back

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  1. felita phillips says:

    Really because the Latino story is incorrect. Exactly what story is correct. It is a stupid show with horrible writing, but I like it. I enjoy it and I think Sanvers is a great looking couple and they look good together. How Latina is she supposed to be, she is from Nebraska?

    1. Lissete Lanuza Sáenz says:

      It feels a little late to have this conversation – especially as I haven’t watched this show in a good three years and I’m happier for it, but I’m glad you enjoy the show? More power to you. The fact that they cast someone with Italian background to play a Latina and they took zero care in how they wrote that storyline still sucks, though. As a latina, I get to feel that.

  2. Sharon L Bowers says:

    Okay, this is four years too late but I don’t have a job right now and have nothing better to do. You talk about your disgruntlement with a non-Latinx actor playing Maggie Sawyer. How long do you think lesbians (of whom I am one) have been watching non-lesbian actresses play “gay”? And did you ever know that the comic book Maggie Sawyer (that’s where the character originated) was a tall blonde who came out later in life and had a daughter? Are you going to complain about that? Supergirl fumbled the whole “Sanvers ” story from the minute Floriana Lima decided to leave. Whatever her reason. So leave the actress’ ethnicity out of it. She and Chyler Leigh did the best they could (and some of it was outstanding) with what they had to work with.

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