It’s too late to Fix the Floriana Lima Mistake, So Don’t Bring Maggie Back

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  1. felita phillips says:

    Really because the Latino story is incorrect. Exactly what story is correct. It is a stupid show with horrible writing, but I like it. I enjoy it and I think Sanvers is a great looking couple and they look good together. How Latina is she supposed to be, she is from Nebraska?

    1. Lissete Lanuza Sáenz says:

      It feels a little late to have this conversation – especially as I haven’t watched this show in a good three years and I’m happier for it, but I’m glad you enjoy the show? More power to you. The fact that they cast someone with Italian background to play a Latina and they took zero care in how they wrote that storyline still sucks, though. As a latina, I get to feel that.

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