‘Supernatural’ Spinoff ‘Wayward Sisters’ Adds Briana Buckmaster

Casting for Wayward Sisters, the spinoff to Supernatural, is off to a great start with the addition of Briana Buckmaster according to SpoilerTV!

Buckmaster is best known as Sheriff Donna Hanscum. She first appeared in Supernatural’s ‘The Purge’, where she crossed passed with Sam and Dean hunting down Pishtacos. She was an instant fan favorite. Her subsequent appearance in ‘Hibbing 911’ had her pairing up with Jody Mills, actress Kim Rhodes who has already signed on for Wayward Sisters. She appeared in the episode ‘Plush’ as well, a horror show featuring a bloody bunny mask.

We’re especially excited to know she’s joining Wayward Sisters because her bubbly nature balances out Jody Mills no nonsense attitude. They’re both strong, able women, who know how to kick ass and will be a great asset to the young women Jody Mills is caring for who have been victims of the supernatural. Like Supernatural, this show will focus on strong familial bonds. Jody will train and protect these women and help them take back the control they’ve lost in their lives while battling the supernatural.

The pilot is set for Season 13 of Supernatural and acts as a backdoor pilot to the show. It’s expected to have fan favorites returning like Claire Novak and Alex Jones, who have practically become Jody’s daughters throughout the Supernatural run.

Wayward Sisters is set to be executively produced by Andrew Dabb, Robert Singer, Phil Sgriccia, and Robert Berens, Writing will be done by Berens and Dabb.

While The CW has been looking for a spinoff for a while (anyone remember Bloodlines?) the popularity of this concept is due in part to the grassroots fan effort of dedicated fans and Wayward Daughters, which Briana Buckmaster and Kim Rhodes have both been involved with. This group of amazing women have been supporting each other for a while now have blossomed into a wonderful community of women who want to see themselves represented on screen in positive ways. (Plus those Wayward AF shirts are fantastic!)

Show them some love here! And while you’re at it show Briana Buckmaster, Kim Rhodes and The CW how much you love this idea and are looking forward to Wayward Sisters!

Also make sure to check out Kim & Briana’s Way Strong, Way Fierce, and Wayward (AF) Campaign! You’ll be able to support New Leash on Life USA and join the Wayward community. Check it out HERE!

What do you think about this spinoff idea? Excited? Or do you think they should’ve looking after the failure of Bloodlines? Let us know in the comments below!

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