‘Supernatural’ SDCC 2017 Interview: Jensen Ackles Talks Losing Family and Season 13

We got a chance to speak with Supernatural‘s Jensen Ackles, who plays Dean Winchester aka one half of the brother duo, at San Diego Comic-Con. As the longest running show on The CW, this show continues to grow with every season and every mind boggling episode they manage to turn out.

This past season has seen the brothers fight the worst possible enemy of all, humans. And along the way Dean lost some of the most important people. In fact, Dean has reached the end of his tether and experienced a loss so profound that he’s having trouble letting himself feel it at all.

“I think there’s so much that’s happened [losing Mary and Cas] that he doesn’t know how to process it yet. He’s  just building up an emotional wall right now. It’s like, “Nope. Everybody’s gone. So what can I do right now? I know what I can do. I can go punch that thing in the face.”

Ackles could relate to that feeling, that natural reaction to close yourself off because it just hurts to much to let the pain of the moment in.

“I can relate to that. I can relate to how he’s feeling which is why I think that’s a natural reaction to losing multiple people in one moment, is just shutting down, not trying to think of a way to make the situation better or, “Maybe she’s not dead. Maybe we can go do this or maybe we find a way to…” That’ll eventually happen, I’m sure, but this immediate reaction is just walls up, what can I hit.”

Check out the rest of with Jensen Ackles where he talks Season 13 of Supernatural and the fandom as a whole:

Supernatural returns Fall 2017 for it’s 13th Season on The CW.

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