‘Supernatural’ SDCC 2017 Interview: Executive Producer Robert Singer Talks Tensions Between the Winchesters

To no one’s surprise, things aren’t going to be easy when the Winchesters return for Season 13 of the longest running series on The CW, Supernatural. We got a chance to sit down with executive producer Robert Singer at  San Diego Comic-Con to talk about the angst brewing between the Winchesters and the aftermath of that epic season finale.

According to Singer, “As far as the boys are concerned, Dean is pretty much convinced, when the season starts, that mom is gone. He’s bereft, feels bad about it, but he’s convinced that she’s gone.”

This is going to cause the brothers to butt heads on what their next step is and how they want to deal with the aftermath. Because while Dean is set and ready to give up, Sam still has home. Singer commented on Sam’s thought process and said he’d be stuck on the fact that, “This kid opened this rift once, he can do it again. Maybe mom’s alive and we can go rescue her.”

Singer also noted that when we enter Season 13 it’s really going to be from the brothers POV. We’re done with the British Men of Letters and the show is going to focus more on the emotional impact of the deaths Mary (and Cas.)

“Last year was physically a big year. We’re trying to make it a little more personal this year. And also they’re gonna visit these other worlds.”

Season 12 was all about bringing this family together and finally finding a place in life and accepting it. The finale tore that apart and set them on a journey in Season 13 where they have to deal with the rifts created by those losses.

Check out the rest of our interview with Robert Singer where he talks the absence of the British Men of Letters and the universe hopping the Winchesters are going to do:

Supernatural returns Fall 2017 for it’s 13th Season on The CW.

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