‘Supernatural’: 5 Things We Want Answered at SDCC

Supernatural, The CW’s longest running series, is entering it’s 13th this fall and heading to SDCC in just under a week. With how the season ended, Kelly Kline & Castiel dying and the arrival of the creepy nephilim we’re excited to know what’s going to happen next and have a set of questions we’d like answered ASAP!

Is Castiel dead?

Logically, I know Castiel isn’t dead. He’s Castiel, angel and part of a family famous for sacrificing themselves for each other. But the more frantic part of me, the one replaying his death and thinking about Mark Sheppard’s exit from the series, wonders if Castiel is done for good. Without a doubt, this should be the first thing answered at SDCC!

Will Mary find her way back to her sons?

A twisted part of me hopes that Mary and Lucifer team up to survive this alternate reality of Earth as a means of getting back to their sons in the style of buddy movie. Mary getting back to her boys would be in the best interest of Sam and Dean. I’m not so sure about Lucifer. His plans are definitely more nefarious and he plans on using his son to gain power over heaven and hell.

Is the nephilim evil?

As a rule of thumb I don’t trust anyone who sits in a corner naked, with glowing eyes, and something that definitely is akin to a creepy smile on his face. The nephilim is unsettling and we’re all uncertain if he’s going to be a bringer of light or destruction.

Who’s the next big bad?

With Lucifer in another dimension and the future fate of the nephilim uncertain, we’d like to know who’s going to challenge the Winchester’s. Maybe heaven and hell will spring up again to gain the nephilim’s favor or force him to their side. Or maybe other organizations around the world will follow in the British Men of Letters footsteps and cause more trouble for our favorite brothers in arms.

Will the hunters of the U.S. unite?

The British Men of Letters showed Sam & Dean how disorganized the American hunters were and the power they held over them because of it. Combine Sam finally coming into being a leader, we’re hoping that means a united American force of hunters is about to emerge. It’ll certainly make the load on the Winchesters lighter and introduce us to a whole new group of hunters we can fall in love with (and inevitably watch die.)

Supernatural season 13 premieres on The CW Fall 2017. The show will appear at SDCC on Sunday, July 23rd, with a panel in Hall H, from 10:30-11:30 a.m. Cast and executive producers attending have yet to be announced.

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