‘Supernatural’ 13×05 Review: Advanced Thanatology

Dean Winchester broke our hearts, Castiel returned, and Sam tried to help his big brother in Supernatural‘s “Advanced Thanatology.” For a while we knew how much Castiel and Mary’s death hurt Dean. But we never expected it to come to this point where one of the bravest men in the world ended up thinking he didn’t matter. And it took his brother, a blast from the past, and the return of Castiel to shake him out of that notion.

Let’s break down Supernatural‘s “Advanced Thanatology”!

Dean Thinks He Doesn’t Matter

‘Supernatural’ 13×05 Review: Advanced Thanatology

It was really heartbreaking to see the man we’ve watched save the world over and over for 13 seasons, think that he doesn’t matter. Personally it made me want to jump through my TV screen and tell him how much his story matters to the world that they’re living in and the people that watch their story week after week.

Dean Winchester might have been acting like a bit of an asshole for the last couple weeks and I might have been a little harsh on him in my previous reviews, but I still understand the pain he’s going through and the importance of him. As seen in the alternate universe, a world without the Winchesters would be one of disaster. Even Billie understands that, and she hates Dean and wants to end his life.

The revelation that Dean doesn’t think he matters also serves as an eye-opener that made you self reflect and understand that even the bravest and strongest people doubt themselves. You are not alone in this feeling of loneliness and you must look around you to recognize that there are people that love you and want to help you. I think that’s what Dean started to understand in this episode.

With Billy’s words in his mind, his brother having his back, and the return of Castiel, we should expect Dean to start healing and leaning on those around him a little more. And little by little, day by day, his faith in what they do will return. Until then, his family ( Sam, Cas, and the viewers) will keep the faith alive for him.

Sam Helping His Brother

‘Supernatural’ 13×05 Review: Advanced Thanatology

Bless Sam Winchester’s heart, he tried to help his brother so much. No matter how little or how uncomfortable something made him he was willing to put that aside to brighten his brother’s day. Sam did it just idly sit back and let his brother lose himself while Keeping the Faith for him. He tried to be an active member in Dean’s recovery.

That’s love. That’s Sam Winchester taking care of his big brother while his big brother is in pain. That’s family watching out for each other no matter how crazy things are all around them. And reminds us why we love this show so damn much after 13 seasons of Heaven hell, angels, demons, and everything in between.

Supernatural is a show about family. And it doesn’t matter if you’re into bullets, bear, booze (the 3 B’s according to Dean) or the monster of the week. You can understand how family and all the feels that come with it, set a show aside from the constant drivel we get on our screens. It makes every episode of Supernatural touching, moving, and relatable.

Cas is Dean’s Win

‘Supernatural’ 13×05 Review: Advanced Thanatology

After what seemed like ages for us and only days for Dean, Castiel is back in his life. This is the win that he needed to shake him out of the depression and anger that he’s been stewing in. Having a member of his family back will help him work through the death of his mom, the Nephilim Jack, and the possibility that the former could still be alive and rescued by the latter.

In an impossible world like that of Supernatural, Dean thought that he had really lost Castiel forever. But against all odds this extraordinary angel came back to him, Sam, and us the viewers. We have to wait until the next episode to find out what happens and if they share a hug of epic proportions. But it’ll be worth the wait to see this family reunited.

Additionally, I’d like to talk about that look that Dean and Castiel gave each other there at the end. It was a look of longing, family, and love. Personally I don’t ship these two together and have always seen them as having a brotherly bond. But for the first time in 13 years that I’ve been watching this roller coaster of a show, I could see what Destiel shippers see in this ship. And like I always say, if the ship isn’t hurting anyone then you ship your little heart out and enjoy the moments that come to you, like this one at the end of “Advanced Thanatology.”

Favorite Scene from Supernatural’s “Advanced Thanatology”:


Check out the trailer for next week’s Supernatural titled “Tombstone”:

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