‘Supernatural’ 13×03 Review: Patience

Supernatural’s “Patience” brought back fan favorites, continued to prove that Jack needs to be protected from the world because he’s our nougat son, and that Dean is on the brink of going off the deep end because of his hate for Jack. Good thing Sam is there to be the best uncle ever and smooth things out.

They also gave us our first glimpse of what Wayward Sisters, it’s female led spin-off, would look like. (It could just be a coincidence but it’s too perfect to be one.)

Let’s talk Supernatural’s “Patience”!

Dean is Gettin’ on My Last Nerve


I love Dean Winchester. He’s been one of the main reasons I’ve remained invested in Supernatural from the very start. But the last couple episodes he’s been getting on my damn nerves. He needs to lay off Jack.

And I understand his anger. He feels like Jack was responsible for the death of Mary and Castiel. He opened that portal that Mary fell into and he “manipulated” Castiel when he was still a child to help him and Kelly. But he was just a child and right now in many ways he still is one.

Because of Dean this young man has enough self-loathing to rival both Winchester’s. And that’s fucked up. There’s no other way to word it besides that it’s fucked up. And I’m glad that Sam called Dean out on it. They already have so many forces working against them. They can’t fall apart like this.

In the last moments of the episode we saw Jack listening to Dean and kind of taking his accusations to heart. Any other show I would expect Jack to accept that he’s evil and go about proving Dean right. But Kelly and Sam’s support showed Jack that he had the option to be good. So he’s going to prove Dean wrong. He’s going to prove everyone wrong.

He’s going to bring Castiel back. Because he chooses to do it. No manipulation or remnants of his mother or father. Jack is going to bring him back because he wants to and Castiel has sacrificed so much for the world that he deserves another chance.

I want to see what Dean has to say after that.

Wayward Sisters is On It’s Way!


The problem with the first time that Supernatural tried to introduce a spin-off was that it felt like an intrusion. I didn’t care about these characters and desperately wanted to get back to Sam and Dean. It didn’t feel like that this time.

I was invested in Patience’ story from the very beginning. She was introduced to us as a part of the Supernatural verse connected to Missouri, one of the only people from season 1 of Supernatural that was still alive. Her story and life mattered to Missouri so it mattered to Dean, Jody, and the viewer.

Every moment I spent with Patience I felt invested in her and like I needed to know more. And I think it’s a really great jumping-off point for what Wayward Sisters is going to do. She would be the perfect addition to the cast and I’m glad to see that Jody gave her her information just in case she ever wanted to explore her powers.

Supernatural has always had so many strong females and Patience has just been added to that list. Why not add her to Wayward Sisters too? She’d be a good fit in an ensemble of young women and mentors supporting each other. And the only thing that we can do while we wait is talk about it. Tweet, tag, and get the word out about how much you like the idea of Wayward Sisters and help it come to life!

Together, we got this.



Sam was so patient and kind with Jack. He understands what it feels like being accused of being evil or having this power inside of him that he doesn’t understand. So he’s treating Jack like he never was treated, with kindness,  understanding, and hope that he’d do better than his blood or what others expect of him.

Now don’t get me wrong, John and Dean love Sam. But after everything that they’ve been through it’s easy to forget how they treated Sam all those seasons ago. (I’m not the kind of person that will remember every single thing that happens in a show from its birth.) He won’t make the same mistakes with Jack. It’s like when you have kids and you promise to never treat them or become the kind of person your parents were.

Sam’s patience, understanding, and love (yes, I said “love” because Sam is such a goober that he wants the kid to help him but he also wants him to feel safe and loved in this world) will help define Jack’s life. He’ll be a stronger and kinder man for having Sam believe in him. And for that, Sam is the greatest uncle a person could have.

Additional Thoughts:
  1. Missouri Moseley returned for one episode after a decade the just get killed. You gotta admit that’s a bit messed up.
  2. Jack remains our nougat son and we must protect him.
Favorite Scene from Supernatural’s “Patience”:

Check out the trailer for next week’s Supernatural titled “The Big Empty”:

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