‘The Bold Type’ Roundtable: Feminist AF and We Are Obsessed

We’re committed. We’re all about The Bold Type. You know we’ve committed to a show when we’re wanting to talk about it so much that we do a round table.

Jane, Kat, and Sutton are our spirit animals and we can’t get enough of them. It’s one of those things that you just watch a show and you relate so much to it. These girls are everything that we want to be – smart, fashionable, crazy funny, fearless, and feminist AF. We see a show that we want to learn from, be inspired from, and make us want to do better.

So yes, we’ll unleash holy hell on anyone that tries to hod us back – we’re ready to live life bold as f*ck.

Are you?

Read the roundtable below.

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Please give a five word reaction to the season premiere of The Bold Type.

Liz: Feminism is always in fashion.

Erin: This show is feminist AF.

Chloe: This is truly something special.

Alyssa: The show we all deserve.

Lizzie: Strong, relatable, well-written female characters.

Nora: Powerhouse cast, music and characters.

Bryna: Proud to be a woman

We met our main girl squad in the premiere: Jane, Sutton and Kat. Do you have a favorite? Or do you love them all?

Liz: I’m obsessed with all of these ladies for many different reasons. I love how they’re all different, but they work so well together. Where Jane is lacking in confidence, Sutton and Kat are there to encourage her and same for the other two. They’re the girl group I long for — especially when it comes to their lil H2H’s in the Scarlet closet. I think I see a little of myself in all of them — Kat’s social media savviness, Jane’s ~sexual~ issues, and Sutton’s career goals. (Also, she’s a Penn State grad so I will never shut up about that.) But that is what is so great about all of them! They’re all relatable.

Erin: I could rave about these characters all day long, because they are just so damn smart and so well played. I think that the best thing about the show is the relationship between Kat, Jane, and Sutton. I love them so much! These three are so different and yet so much alike. But what I love about these girls is that they make you feel like there isn’t anything that you can’t do. They make you feel like they can’t do anything wrong with just being yourself. And that is fabulous! I relate so much to Jane, but yet I can see myself in all three. The Bold Type is fierce.

Chloe: Kat stood out as an immediate favorite – partially because I was already familiar with the lovely Aisha Dee from a little show called Sweet/Vicious. I related to her position at Scarlet (#socialmediasquad) and loved her bold, fiery nature. But over the course of these two episodes, I also fell in love with Sutton and Jane and started to see more of myself in all three of these amazing women. They’re complicated and real, driven and strong, and I can’t wait to learn more about each and every one of them.

Alyssa: One of the strongest elements of the show is that the core group are so different yet so alike and not only complement each other, they complete each other. They literally are #SquadGoals. They’re so comfortable in their own skin, confident in who they are, fight for what they believe in, and then at the same time they’re not. It’s relatable. Strength isn’t in perfectionism. It’s in the courage to make mistakes and keep rising up to try again. Out of all three though I’d have to say I relate most with Jane. But the glorious thing about The Bold Type is that Jane, Kat, and Sutton each have something that audiences can relate to. Because, as we know, television and audience interest and devotion rest on the reliability and love of the characters. And it’s clear that The Bold Type understood that from the beginning.

Lizzie: I think the best thing about them is that they all have something we can relate to and that there’s not one of them that I can easily dismiss as the one I don’t like. That being said, however, I think Kat is my favorite, not just because of the actress, because of her attitude and the way she deals with life in general. That being said, I anticipate another episode might change my mind completely!

Nora: I love all of them, but in different ways, and I think that’s one of the reasons I love The Bold Type already. We’re only two episodes in and I find myself identifying with different part of each of their personalities. I love Sutton’s ambition and her drive to move up in the world. Kat is so strong and resilient. She’s ready to fight for what she believes and will do anything for her friends. And Jane, is a little quiet, but once her heart is set on something, her drive is unstoppable. They all have incredible qualities that make them strong women and also an unbelievable squad. I can’t wait to see where they grow because with only two episodes, they’re already giving me some of the best female characters on TV right now.

Bryna: I love all three of them for different reasons but I think right now I find myself relating to Sutton the most. Sutton is ambitious; she wants to move up in the company while also doing something that she loves. But she is also practical, having chosen to go to a school close to home so that she can save money and is now even considering a job in ad sales because it offers a good compensation package. As someone who recently enter the real world, these are the types of conversations I’m having with myself and I appreciate the struggle being shown on television.

Let’s first talk about Jane — with a new job title comes new problems. If you could give her a pep talk, what would you say to her?

Liz: I’d look her straight in the eyes and tell her that she’s got this. She’s earned this position at Scarlet and if they didn’t think so, they wouldn’t have promoted her. Sure, it’s new and scary, but it’s supposed to be. If she wasn’t nervous, it wouldn’t be right. It’ll take some time for her to settle into her role, but she’s got a ton of people rallying behind her and ready to catch her if she falls.

Erin: I suck at pep talks, but hey – that’s why I have friends. They give the best ones. I would tell her that there isn’t anything that she can’t accomplish. I would tell her to be open to the criticism and learning experiences that are around her. I would tell her that no idea is a bad idea, because every idea is a learning experience. You will grow and feel confident in your decisions every day.

Chloe: While my job is a little different than Jane’s, I too recently experienced a change in my position – so the advice I’d give to her is the advice I’m trying to give to myself. You got this job for a reason, and while there may be a learning curve, you already have the foundational skills you need to succeed – or you wouldn’t have gotten the position. Just keep working hard and be willing to learn, and you’ll start to feel more confident in no time.

Alyssa: When push comes to shove, it’s easy to doubt yourself sometimes. We all have a little insecurity within us, which can certainly rise to the surface when confronted with the pressure of new opportunities. What I’d say to Jane is to believe in yourself. There’s a reason that you got this job. Someone — or someones — believed enough in you to give you the chance. I’d also caution to not let mishaps dampen your confidence. It’s natural to make mistakes. All “Fail” represents is: “First Attempt In Learning.” No one successful got to where they are in their life by being perfect. It’s all about believing in yourself, being open to making mistakes, and to keep rising to the challenge.

Lizzie: In the vein of what Chloe said, I think the most important pep talk is merely a reminder that you she – and we – got to where we are for a reason. We can do it. Sometimes our mind plays tricks, but we can do it. We got this. It’s all about putting one step in front of the other and constantly trying.

Nora: Believe in yourself and keep reaching. We all have a little Jane in us where the self doubt sometimes overtakes your confidence, but it’s important to remember your confidence. Jane’s in love with her job and is very passionate about the company, so she needs to trust her instincts and never settle.

Bryna: I think the best thing I could say is believe in yourself. I know it’s scary to be pushed into unknown territory but you can’t soar if you don’t jump. You were picked to be a writer at Scarlet for a reason. Your voice is unique and you should follow it. It’ll pay off in the end.

Work and play seem to overlap a lot in The Bold Type, first off is Kat’s relationship with Adena. Kat insists she’s straight, there’s obviously something there between her and Adena. Thoughts?

Liz: Oh my god, this relationship came out of nowhere for me!! I really didn’t see it coming and then I quickly fell in love with them. I love that this sort of relationship is happening on The Bold Type — not just a lesbian relationship, but a relationship involving two women, both of color, and exploring what it’s like to try and figure out where you stand with your crush. They didn’t just have Kat jump into a relationship with Adena, they’re having her question it and slowly realize her feelings and then move forward. We get to see Kat and Adena’s relationship from the beginning, which makes me giddy because they’re so cute!!! It’s so cute watching Kat try to navigate her crush because it’s obviously very new for her. Augh, I can’t wait to see what happens with these two.

Erin: I think that whatever happens – Kat’s got this shit under control. She’s going to figure out who she is and who she loves. But I think it’s great that we’re getting to watch that. I think it’s great that we are getting to see this connection between the two evolve and grow. I think that there is something bigger and I can’t wait to see what is next for them both.

Chloe: While the maybe-relationship between Kat and Adena is one I didn’t expect, the fact that it exists is one of my favorite things about The Bold Type. Not only do we have Kat, who identifies as straight, exploring her feelings for Adena, but we also get to learn so much about Adena herself – an incredible artist who is also a Muslim and a lesbian. In any other show, if we saw a character like Adena, it’s easy to imagine that they would only appear in one episode. Adena plays an important role in the show thus far and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. I think there’s still a ways to go before we see if the spark between these two ladies develops into something more, but I can’t wait to see what’s next for them.

Alyssa: There’s obviously a deep connection, already, between Kat and Adena, and it’s not something that you can ignore for too long. I love that Kat is open to exploring these new feelings that she’s having instead of hiding behind them or merely brushing them off. It’s up to Kat to discover what these feelings are and what she chooses to do next. But Kat is the kind of person who, like Adena, seems attracted to what’s inside, whether that’s romantic or not. But clearly, Kat is feeling feelings she’s never felt before when it comes to Adena. And I’m excited to see more of Kat actively exploring what these feelings mean and seeing how she chooses to act on them. They always say the best relationships are the ones you don’t see coming. I didn’t see this one coming, but it’s already one of my favorite relationships on a show that has so many solid and diverse relationships.

Lizzie: I don’t think there was anything in the setup to make you think that Adena would be anything more than a one-episode character, and yet I’m incredibly glad it doesn’t seem like that will be the case, because there is something there, I think, and it’s up to Kat now to figure out what that is, and if it’s something she wants and something she’s willing to go out of her way for.

Nora: This is a relationship I didn’t really expect on The Bold Type but I am loving it. I love that Kat is having this moment of confusion where she identifies as straight, but Adena comes along and she’s having this moment of wondering if she likes Adena more than a friend. While I loved their moments in the first episode, I think the second episode really cements that this is a relationship that will be explored on The Bold Type. I’m curious how Kat will continue to deal with these feelings towards Adena. Will they evolve into something more? Or will Kat and Adena remain friends? I think it’s a very interesting dynamic and not something you see a lot on TV.

Bryna: At first, I thought this relationship was kind of unexpected because it seemed like it wasn’t going to go beyond Kat convincing Adena to give permission to run the article. But once the two of them continued to interact, it became clear that there is something there and it seems mutual. I’m very curious to see how Kat’s insistence that she’s straight affects their relationship moving forward.

Next, is the steamiest part of the premiere was Sutton and Richard’s secret, sexy relationship. How do you feel about them? Do you think they’ll last?

Liz: Insert gif of someone fanning themselves. Ok so in the beginning, I thought for sure this was going to be one of those sexy hookups which leads to a big blow-up and completely screws Sutton over. BUT I was pleasantly surprised when Sutton admitted that it was much more than just sex. I was really proud of Sutton when she put her foot down and told Richard exactly what she wanted out of their relationship. We got a little more insight into how their relationship is going to work — it’s still a secret, (which will hopefully not cause problems) but it’s got the makings of a really supportive and good relationship. I really hope the trend of them being good and honest with each other continues and nothing blows up in their faces.

Erin: I love Sutton, but what I love is that Sutton is standing up for Sutton. Richard aside, he’s someone that just sets her on the road to figuring out things about herself. He doesn’t control her, she controls it. And in a relationship where she thought that she knew what she wanted, she was able to really figure it out and set boundaries for herself. She deserves to be the girl that he’s thinking of – the first one in the morning and the last one at night. She is finding her worth. Look, I don’t especially like Richard, but I don’t hate him. But what I do love it Sutton and she’s going to find her way, like the boss bitch that she is.

Chloe: I didn’t love the relationship when it was first introduced. While you can’t go wrong with a good elevator hookup on TV, it seemed a little done – especially coupled with the fact that Sutton is an assistant and Richard is on the board. Hello, red flags. However, as we saw more of the relationship between the two, we quickly learned that it’s just that – a relationship. While there could be consequences if anyone but Jane and Kat find out about what’s going on between Sutton and Richard, this isn’t just a meaningless fling. I love how we get to see Sutton standing up for herself in the relationship and Richard truly being receptive. These two are so supportive of each other, and it makes my heart happy.

Alyssa: I have to admit, this was the one aspect of the show that I wasn’t really loving from the start. It’s the stereotypical assistant-hooks-up-with-the-big-boss relationship, and it just didn’t really grab my intention. But with that said, I already have such great confidence in The Bold Type that I trust that they know what they’re doing with this relationship. I like that we’re moving past the just “hook-up” phase and seeing that they’re going to explore them as a real relationship. I still don’t know how I feel about Sutton and Richard, but I’m willing to give them a chance.

Lizzie: I’m still on the fence about it. I mean, they gave me a lot that made this relationship much more than a cliche, but to me, it still feels like too much of a cliche. So, I basically just need for them to keep showing me that this is more than the typical workplace relationship we see on TV, the one that’s doomed to fail.

Nora: I love this relationship A LOT. I love that The Bold Type presented it as another office hookup, possibly a fling, and turned it into a real relationship by the end of the first hour. It’s hot, it’s sexy and it seems like such an honest relationship. I will admit, when I first saw Sutton and Richard hooking up a red light when off in my brain, where I was nervous this was going to be turned into an assistant sleeping with a boss scenario, but this is The Bold Type and they quickly got rid of those worries for me when Sutton said she wants so much more with Richard. I’m glad this was addressed in the first episode and we can now focus on them growing as a couple. Can I also say I’m so glad they didn’t drag the secret romance out and that Kat and Jane know about it! I love that! I’m hoping Sutton and Richard last. I think they will definitely have their rough patches, what couple doesn’t, but I’d like to see them break the assistant dating the boss stereotypes that often come with this kind of relationship being seen on TV.

Bryna: I love these two so much. Seriously, I don’t think I can emphasize how much enough. It’s a surprise to me because I didn’t think that I would. I thought that it would turn out to be some gross affair especially because normally when a 26-year old assistant enters a relationship with a board member a lot of red flags would be raised. But it’s not that at all. It is definitely made clear that it is more than sex and seems to be a genuinely caring relationship. Multiple times throughout the first two episodes, we see that Richard, the one who as the male is stereotypically is presumed to not care as much, cares a lot about Sutton and vice versa. I can’t wait to see more heartwarming moments between these two as more episodes premiere.

And of course, we can’t leave out Jane! She took a daring leap and straight up kissed Pinstripe!! Do you think it’s going to turn into something more? Or is that kiss all we’ll get?

Liz: I really hope it turns into something more. I straight up gasped when Jane kissed Pinstripe because I was expecting her to pull the same moves she had been throughout the premiere — not believing in herself, but she surprised me! (And maybe herself?) I honestly started shipping the moment his article was dropped in front of Jane. I think that this could be a super interesting relationship; Pinstripe could help Jane in a lot of ways. And I’m talking sexually.

Erin: Jane is my spirit animal and I love her. I think that she’s amazing. Jane has had a tough life, but she has persevered. She know she wants to be someone and will let no one stand in her way. She is strong and fierce. But I think that even Jane undercuts herself. So when she kissed Pinstripe, I cheered for her. I was proud of her. Jane finally saw in herself what others always had – greatness and fearlessness. I hope that Jane and Pinstripe have a great time – whatever that means, I am here for it. Their sexual tension is off the charts.

Chloe: Let’s be honest – Jane kissing Pinstripe is the kind of move I wish I could make. Get it, girl! The chemistry between these two is sizzling, and they do work in the same building, so I think we aren’t done with Pinstripe just yet. Plus, he is a sex and relationships writer – so he’s bound to have a few tricks up his sleeve that could help Jane remedy the “never had an orgasm” thing. Just saying.

Alyssa: There’s no way that’s a one-time kind of thing. That’s only the beginning of what’s clearly going to become something more. I’ve got to give it up to Jane for getting up the courage to make the move that she did. It was so out of her comfort zone, and I’m so proud of her doing it. I love seeing her pushed out of her comfort zone both professionally and personally. I love the idea of these two rival journalists who are coming from different ends of the male-female writing spectrum. It’s going to allow for some really interesting challenges and conversations that could prove to be really intriguing for both us, the audience, as well as Jane and Pinstripe. I’m a lot more intrigued by this dynamic than I thought I would be.

Lizzie: Oh, something more for sure. This is not the end of that – the show is just setting up things, leaving breadcrumbs for us to follow, and this is surely one of those. Is this “it” for Jane? Way too early to tell, but they at least got me interested in where it’s going and rooting for Jane, because even if this doesn’t work out, she took that leap and I’m proud of her for that.

Nora: It’s the bold move I think we all wish we had the guts to make and I think that’s why I love Jane. While she may be quieter than Sutton and Kat, she’ll make the bold moves when she needs to. I have a feeling this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Pinstripe and I’m really excited about it. He seems like the perfect relationship for Jane after her last boyfriend, who I’m sure will be making another appearance. Jane and Pinstripe’s relationship is already off to such a hot start. The flirting and that kiss! I’m SO in. I’m excited to see the two of them develop as a couple and hopefully give us more swoon worthy moments.

Bryna: I definitely think this relationship is going to turn into something more. First off, Katie Stevens and Dan Jeannotte have already declared Janestripe as the official ship name and I’ve never been more on board with anything in my entire life. Second, the sexual tension between these two is prevalent every time they occupy the same space. The flirting, the looks they gave one another…I was just like make out already! And then Jane went up to kiss him at the gallery and I was just like FINALLY! I’m really excited to see the two of them develop something more as the season moves forward.

The Bold Type is taking on some topics that aren’t always shown on television ( the effects of smuggling in contraband, never orgasming, ladies watching porn, etc.) Do you appreciate this or could do without it?

Liz: I don’t think The Bold Type would be able to be as good as it is without touching on these types of issues. It’s shedding a light on issues that women rarely talk about in television — or maybe in general. I’m always a BIG fan of girl power and feminism, so I think it’s so great for The Bold Type to be promoting these ideas that we can talk about this stuff and we shouldn’t feel like we can’t because it might make someone uncomfy.

Erin: This is part of what makes The Bold Type so amazing – they are going there. They are like – here’s a topic – let me charge straight at it. Let us make the world aware that we aren’t backing down, that we’re kicking it’s ass. I love that they are speaking to every woman, not just the ones that we are all prone to admiring on TV. They want you to know that you are not alone. They’ll talk about it, they’ll show you it, and they’ll make sure that you know – it’s okay to be yourself.

Chloe: Tackling these kinds of topics is what takes The Bold Type to the next level. Each time took me by surprise because it’s not the kind of stuff you normally see on TV, but at the same point, it’s also so real. The magazine world in the show has some of the glitz of Gossip Girl or The Devil Wears Prada, but the relationships and the conversations keep it down to earth and delightfully relatable. By addressing these topics, the show also becomes what Scarlet is for Jane: an older sister who guides viewers who need it through the crazy world of adulting.

Alyssa: Honestly, tackling these kind of subjects is what really gives The Bold Type this sense of power. It’s doing what we haven’t seen on television lately: it’s focusing on women and the things they experience, and it’s not shying away from them — if anything, it’s leaping towards them. These topics, and I’m sure others they’ll tackle in the future, are usually ones we see other shows shying away from so women are sort of robbed of that agency. But The Bold Type is giving women a voice not only on this show but as women in our world. And I’m so grateful for that.

Lizzie: I appreciate it a lot. I think it’s what makes the show unique. It feels like some of the most common things about being a woman, things we’ve all experienced, are totally taboo, and that’s something that we have to change, as a society, if we ever want to achieve true equality. It feels silly, but a show like this is a step forward in the fight, and I’m glad I get to experience it firsthand.

Nora: I love that this show is going there with a lot of these topics. It’s so refreshing. Honestly, this wasn’t what I was expecting from a Freeform show and The Bold Type pleasantly surprised me on a number of levels. The show is stepping up and taking everything to the next level and it’s the best. The relationships and conversations are amazing. The women are real and honest and you can relate to them in some way and I love that. They aren’t shying away from tough subjects, because those subjects are relevant in the world and that’s why this show is going to thrive. The female friendship itself is unbelievable as well.

Bryna: I definitely appreciate it and think the show couldn’t do without it. The fact that this show talks about these issues for entire episodes is part of what keeps me tuning in. It’s thinks that women actually talk about with their friends so it just makes the show that much more realistic. I also appreciate it because they all aren’t dealt with in the same way. The effects of smuggling in contraband was a much more of a dramatic moment while the ladies watching porn was a much more light-hearted moment. It creates a balance that makes these real life topics easier to digest.

What was your favorite moment from this week’s episode?

Liz: Any scene with the girls in the Scarlet closet! Especially the Yoni egg scene, but also when Jane admitted that she never had an orgasm; Sutton and Kat were so in sync in their motions and facial expressions, it really felt like they had been friends forever. Another fave moment of mine was when Sutton delivered her monologue to Richard about how she deserves to be the girl he can’t stop thinking about. I was cheering. She’s so great.

Erin: So many to chose from. But the yoni egg. Look, I love my BFF, but I ain’t pulling shit from her vag. I’d be like I am willing to go to the ER with you, but my fingers are not going anywhere near you. I also love it when they are in the Scarlet Closet. I feel like it’s their own secret club and they’re just giving us a look inside. I love it. Hell, there isn’t much of this show that I am not falling head over heals for.

Chloe: There’s a lot to choose from, but I think I have to go with the great yoni egg debacle of 2017. It was one of those “oh, we’re going there!” moments that took me by surprise, made me laugh, and cemented the kind of friendship Kat, Jane, and Sutton share. After all, what are friends for if not for helping you get foreign objects out of your body?

Alyssa: Honestly, everything that involved Jane, Kat, and Sutton. But I’d have to agree with Chloe and single out the yoni egg scene in the closet. It was a moment where I felt like I’d been watching this show for years — where I felt like I knew these characters so well, where these characters were just so in sync with each other, and where they felt like real people. It was a hilarious scene filled with brilliant back-and-forth, as well as a great chemistry between the three ladies that lead this show. And it was just so out there! I loved it.

Lizzie: I’m gonna be cliche and say I loved all the moments with these 3 ladies together. I like my romances and my office dynamics as much as the next person, but I’m really here for the friendship and I’m glad we got such strong moments of that.

Nora: There are so many great moments in the first two episodes. But I think one of my favorites is when Kat, Sutton and Jane are trying out the sex position at the beginning of episode 2. It was just such a best friend moment and I could totally see my friends and I do that. And I loved when Jacqueline came in and told them the position was possible. It was just a great opener and really cemented who each of these characters are. Of course, I also loved Jane in the elevator talking to her gynecologist and when Kat, Sutton and Jane go and stalk Jane’s ex. Pure gold.

Bryna: This is such a hard question as there is so many good moments to choose from. But my favorite moment I think has to be when Jane is talking on the phone with her gynecologist in the elevator only for the door to open and Ryan be there to hear the end of her conversation. Talking to your gynecologist is already such an awkward moment. Having that conversation in front of an extremely attractive man? Devastatingly awkward.

Who are you shipping? Why?

Liz: Besides everyone with everyone, I’m hardcore shipping Sutton and Richard. I think they’re really cute together and it’s a relationship with potential! I adore how supportive Richard is of Sutton and how he doesn’t treat her like an assistant he occasionally has sex with — in fact, I loved when Sutton was like “I’m using you…for sex” in the beginning, making it very clear that she’s in control. I want them to find a way to not be a secret anymore and be able to be cute in the office together.

Erin: I am loving everyone. I’ll get to the ships the further into this show I get. This show is going to unfold and I am going to fall deeper and I’ll figure out my ships. And when I do – you’ll hear all about it.

Chloe: A better question might be, who am I not shipping? If I have to pick a favorite, at the moment I would go with Sutton/Richard. Their relationship subverts expectations, and it’s also just sweet, sexy, and fun to watch as it unfolds. I’m looking forward to seeing how this ship develops in future episodes.

Alyssa: I’m shipping all the ships! I’m loving Kat & Adena, Jane & Pinstripe (yes, already!), and while I’m still on the fence with them, I’m enjoying Sutton & Richard. I’d have to say my favorite at this point is Jane and Ryan/Pinstripe because I’m so enamored with the possibility of where this dynamic can go. This is one of those shows where you know, even two hours into the show’s existence, that we’re going to get so much shippiness that’s going to make our shippy hearts so incredibly happy. And I can’t wait for more!

Lizzie: I’m still not every deep into anyone, though I anticipate that changing soon. So far, I’m here for the ladies, and I’m loving what they’re giving me!

Nora: I’m really shipping Sutton and Richard. I think their relationship is such a great break from the “boss sleeping with assistant” trope we often see on TV. I’m really excited to see them grow and continue to be the flirty and sexy couple on the show. There’s so much potential for this couple and I can’t wait to learn more about these characters and see their relationship blossom.

Bryna: I’m definitely hardcore shipping Sutton/Richard & Jane/Ryan (aka Pinstripe). I think both of them are flirty, sexy couples that have the potential to be so much more. As of now, Sutton & Richard have a little more depth to them so I’m shipping them harder but I’m excited to see how both of these relationships grow over these episodes.

See the trailer for next weeks episode, below –

The Bold Type airs on Freeform.

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