‘Supernatural’: Lucifer’s Son Promoted to Series Regular

Alexander Calvert, introduced in Season 12 as Lucifer’s son, has been promoted to a series regular ahead of the Season 13 premiere of Supernatural according to TVLine. Calvert is known on The CW for his appearance as Lonnie Machin aka Anarky on Arrow. And he’s also starred in the movie The Edge of Seventeen as Nick Mossman.

Lucifer’s son Jack was prophetized to bring great destruction to the world and all feared his arrival during the length of season 12. His untold powers opened up a rift into another world, which Mary and Lucifer are now trapped in, with an ease we’ve never seen before.

Coming into season 13 we’re going to be seeing Sam and Dean trying to deal with Jack in vastly different ways. In an interview at San Diego Comic-Con with Jared Padalecki he told us, “Sam is being Sam, being an optimist, believing that nurture can overcome nature.”

And in an interview with Jensen Ackles, the actor admitted that he believes the rift that Jack opened means that his mother is dead so he might as well do what he knows best, “I can go punch that thing in the face.”

Maybe that includes Jack, the son of Lucifer, and the reason why their world has been turned upside and their mother is gone. And with Calvert being a season regular now, he’s not going away. His character is going to either divide the brothers or unite them in protecting one of the most powerful beings in the world.

We can’t wait!

Supernatural returns Fall 2017 to The CW.

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