5 Life Lessons We Learned from ‘The Conjuring 2’ Trailer

Lorraine and Ed Warren are back! Our favorite supernatural hunting couple are now setting off to investigate a haunting abroad. They need to help a single mother raising her four children in a home plagued by malicious spirits. From the looks of it this one might be scarier than it’s predecessor.

So lean on back and let me remind you of the life lessons learned from The Conjuring 2 trailer! Let’s talk about it!


[lead]1. Seek professional help in case of haunting.[/lead]

Don’t try to solve the mystery of why your crosses are flipping over by themselves in the middle of the night. Seek the help of people who have been literally dragged through it and chased through a basement by a malevolent spirit. Looking at you The Conjuring. They’re experienced and know how to banish those pesky demons/ghosts/poltergeists ruining your sleep. (Everyone can see those bags under your eyes.)

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[lead]2. Always heed the warnings of young creepy girls.[/lead]

They’re not playing games with you. There is something or someone reaching out to them to get to you. Head there warnings before something worse happens. Your life might depend on it.

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[lead]3. Beware toys starting by themselves.[/lead]

They’re not real and shouldn’t be moving without being prompted. Did Chucky not teach you anything? Toys that move by their own volition should be destroyed asap with no prejudice. Big or small, redheaded or a spinning picture toy…DESTROY ALL!

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[lead]4. If you wake up on the ceiling it’s time to panic.[/lead]

Alarm bells should be going off immediately if you wake up SMACK DAB ON THE CEILING! Your room isn’t a skydiving chamber and we haven’t achieved levitation yet. Please alert your loved ones by screaming and yelling for help!

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[lead]5. One can never have too many crosses.[/lead]

When times get tough it’s ok to retreat into the arms of the church. Decorate your room to your hearts content with all the finest crosses. Every little thing counts in the fight against the supernatural.

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Check out the exciting first trailer below:

The Conjuring 2 hits theaters June 16, 2016.

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